Paul Andrews, Manhattan Digest, Madonna
Credit to: Paul Andrews

So its pretty safe to say for any talent working in the music industry that if you get the seal of approval from the one and only Madonna, then you are clearly doing something right.  This is the case for the amazingly talented producer and songwriter Paul Andrews, who has done an official mix of her song “Ghosttown” off her incredible new album “Rebel Heart”.

Paul is someone who I have profiled not once but twice in the past on Manhattan Digest.  One in my Get To Know series, and the other one was coincidentally about dropping a mix of Madonna’s song “Living for Love”.  I say the word coincidence because that is exactly how this whole process was able to happen.  Apparently, Madonna’s team heard the remix to of “Living For Love” then he received a text from a mutual friend stating the following- “Silly question, but would you want to remix Madonna’s next single?”

Immediately jumping at the idea (because who wouldn’t), Paul asked what she was looking for when it came to remixing “Ghosttown”.  It was simple- just be creative like he was with his other mixes.  Only having three days to finish the mix, he spent them feverishly getting it done and arranging all of it in his head throughout that period of time.  Once it was finished and submitted, he got word that Madonna herself has approved the mix and it would be an exclusive for the Jay-Z driven “Tidal Music Streaming”.  Madonna (who just celebrated her 45th number one single on the Billboard charts), wanted to use it but not for a Dance EP as it wasn’t a dance mix.  Suffice to say, this is an amazing accomplishment for Paul in getting to work with one of the biggest legends in music there ever was, and hope that this can continue and so on and so forth.

To hear an exclusive preview of “Ghosttown” you can go to Paul’s direct site, however to hear it in its entirety download Tidal and experience the epic greatness that is this track.