RPDRs7-cast-group-pressSo, last week, there was some stupid Hello, Kitty theme, that really came across as something that Project Runway would love or would look at and shake their damn head. Katya left, which makes me even more angry at this season. There was really no reason for that shit to happen since, spoilers, Kennedy Davenport didn’t stay to make it a top three with someone who’s not white.

Anyway, the queens limp into the workroom and everyone’s upset and snarking at each other, while being happy it’s the top four. Michelle Visage comes in and announcing that we’re doing another fucking acting challenge, though I shouldn’t be surprised, since this is the “Film a Low Budget Music Video with RuPaul” episode.

It will also be an 80’s themed video, because, why the fuck not?

Lunch with Ru will be tic-tacs. Ru is now juicing, so it’s blended tic-tacs. Everyone, except Violet Chachki, comes in with a sob story. Not that that’s bad. Some of these queens have gone through some serious shit. It’s just jarring, at least from an editing stand-point. It’s like watching Scarlet Takes a Tumble, and then immediately interviewing her to find out that she was making a video to help lift her spirits because she just got fired, or has been in an abusive relationship, or something. I’m not blaming the queens. This seems more an editing issue, as well as a producer issue, since this whole season has come across as “Stupid Bitches Can’t Do Anything Right.”

Though, I will blame the queens for one thing. Do something funny with the tic-tacs. I realize that there’s a very limited amount of things you can do, and you want to do something fresh, or nothing at all, but like Snatch Game, the tic-tac lunch is a staple of this show. Come prepared to do something! Grab a fist full and shove them down your pants. Bring chopsticks. Pick it up and nibble it the entire time. ANYTHING! I’ve been waiting for someone to make a joke for three seasons!!!!!!! IT’S RIGHT THERE!!!

Anyway, the queens go back to Young And Pretty Bitches Flounce Around and Old Ladies Bitch About Everything, before shooting a video that no one seems prepared for. I can’t tell if this is Unprepared Queens or Asshole Producers.

After the mainstage, Ru shows them all pictures of themselves and asks them what they would tell 6 year old them. We find out that Violet was the tap dancing bumble bee from Blind Melon’s No Rain. Then they all have to say why they’d be the queen. Then they all lip sync and it’s all over the place. I’m not sure if it’s because there are four of them. Kennedy goes home. Join us next week for the clip show, followed by the finale, sometime after that!!! I might even be able to go!