Genetics By Geno, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Rick Eberle

The warmer months are here, and that means the excuses to not go to the gym are getting more minimal with each day that gets warmer.  Want to get into better shape as soon as you can?  Why not try “Genetics By Geno”, an amazing fitness plan designed by competitive body builder & gym owner Geno Sylvain.

Geno does into depth as to why his all-inclusive plan is the best plan for you this coming summer and for all seasons moving forward.  On top of his wonderful plan, he also has a line of books, cookies, water and so much more available at your disposal.  In my exclusive interview with him, Geno discusses how he got into the fitness industry in his first place, why people need to stop making excuses about not going to the gym, and all of the amazing products he is designing to help you live a better life.  Check it out.

Geno Sylvain, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Rick Eberle

What drove you to be healthy at a very young age?

My mother had skin cancer when I was 9. I wanted to be helpful towards her, but I was too young to; so as time passed I wanted to help others. I was also a skinny kid, so I wanted to learn how to eat and train correctly.

Did you have anyone in the fitness world that became your inspiration?

Jack Lallane. He was one of the first fitness gurus on television teaching people how to stay fit. I used that as a starting point to help others. I took what he started and perfected his concept for a new era.

What do you find are people’s biggest excuses when it comes to losing weight and ultimately getting themselves to the gym?

The most common excuses made are “I can’t find the time”, “It’s too expensive to go to the gym” or they can’t follow their diet.

Furthering that, when people are at the gym, what is the biggest common mistake that they make when it comes to cardio, arms, legs and any other aspect?

They think more means better. They think they need to do more hours, more weight, more reps, more days, etc. And they think they can do it on their own, that they have all the answers. They continue making these mistakes until they get hurt or worse.

Tell me about Genetics by Geno. How did this concept get started?

My training became such a demand that I needed to create something different. I needed to establish a private gym where I could train up to 10 clients at a time, without membership. People could get individual attention, and practice individualized routines at their own pace, at their own time.

What comes with the entire package?

First is the evaluation, where I measure the client’s weight, their body fat, and take their measurements; then we move on to the strength, endurance, and cardio tests to see what the individual client is capable of. Having all that information, I create a personal nutrition program (with their allergies and dietary exclusions taken into consideration) and personal exercise program (with handicaps and disabilities also taken into consideration.

You even do competition prep, can you tell us a little more about that?

What was stated before, plus I find out what level of competitor they are: beginner, intermediate, or professional (so that I know what they know and what they don’t). What particular routine they need for their stage presence: what poses they need, competition attire, and what their weak point is and how to improve it.

Geno Sylvain, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Rick Eberle

You also have The Abster books and a line of energy bars. What else would you like to do to expand your presence in the health and fitness world?

I offer my clients the opportunity to earn $20 for each pound they lose training with me, I also developed a quick, short term nutrition program to help people lose weight for any occasion using my Abster products.

Anything else you want to add?

The Abster – the first and only apparatus that targets the lower abs that’s portable and affordable. Abster protein bars and cookies – gluten free, kosher meal replacements made of gluten free oatmeal, chocolate and peanut butter, also available without nuts. Nutrition books – a nutrition guides to help you either lose or gain weight, depending on the person’s goal. Love Yourself Naked water – filtered three times for a clear tasting, light hydration to promote better hydration. The body, in total, is 60% percent water, the blood is 92% water, and the brain and muscles are 75% water. You need to continuously renew the water.

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