If you are a gay man in New York City, you find that the options for gay friendly establishments to be quite plentiful and exciting to encounter.  For tourists who are visiting New York City, the buzz that you hear about the gay scene is true but you find yourself wondering what to try and where to go to experience all the fantastic aspects that gay life offers here?  Well look no further, because we have you covered. From gay bars to masseurs, strip clubs to something extra, we can guarantee that you are going to find something that works for you and for you to enjoy for yourself or with a group of friends.  Check this out.

Gym Sportsbar, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Gym Sportsbar

The Best Gay Bar In NYC- Gym Sportsbar, 167 8th Avenue between 18th and 19th Street

Gym Sportsbar is a great example of what a friendly, neighborhood gay bar should be and lives up to that notion and then some.  With over ten years in business in the Chelsea area, the bar provides a great and relaxed atmosphere for you and your friends to enjoy with amazing BOGO drink specials for happy hour to make you even happier that you showed up.  Gym Sportsbar, long for Gymbar, has the best and nicest bartenders who always have a smile upon their face when serving you and can throw whatever event you have going on with their great downstairs location.  Definitely something to check out next time you are visiting or in the Chelsea area.  For more information check out their official website.

Stonewall Inn, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Wikipedia

Best Historic Gay Landmark- Stonewall Inn

Now that gay marriage is officially legal in the entire United States (no matter how hard the right side tries to ignore that fact), it is always good for any gay or gay friendly person to visit Stonewall Inn and understand how much of an impact this place is for gay culture and so much more.  Not familiar?  Google “Stonewall Riots” to really understand the epic struggle gay men had to endure in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Still with that retro type feel to it when you walk in, Stonewall has a great duality of a fun place to hang with friends yet understand the cultural relevance of what makes it historic.  Official site.

Credit to: Chris Reed
Credit to: Chris Reed

The Best Masseurs In NYC- Bryan Knight and MuscledJim

This one happens to be a tie for me as they both are phenomenal masseurs who have strengths in each of their own areas.  Bryan Knight is so good at what he does that he won the Hookie Award for Best Massage last year and was nominated for it again this year.  So that has to mean something.  Bryan has this to say about why you should work with him- “Men come to me for the perfect balance of therapeutic work and male bonding. Being large, muscular and a man, not a boy, puts other men at ease to let go. A discrete, convenient location and Good public track record are available for your satisfying experience.” For more on Bryan, you can actually check out my interview with him or check out his official site for more details.

Manhattan Digest
Credit to: MuscleJim

As for MuscledJim, or Jim, he is someone who I met a while ago and is amazing at what he does.  He really brings the full experience of what a masseur is supposed to do, and that includes having an enigmatic and inviting personality that make everything that much better.  Here is what he has to say for himself-  “I have been doing massage for over 16 years.  I do a deep tissue, sensual swedish massage for men that lasts for one hour.  It is on a massage table using biotone oils. I relax your muscles and ignite your senses. I hope my engaging personality immediately puts you at ease.  I love to awaken your body’s sensitivities.  What makes me unique is that I look for and amplify your authentic self in a way that your body, mind and spirit feel amazing when we are done.”  To book a session you can contact him at topnycmassage@aol.com.

Credit to: The Adonis Lounge
Credit to: The Adonis Lounge

Best Gay Dance/Strip Club- Adonis Lounge.  Wednesdays & Saturdays at Evolve- 221 E. 58th Street between 2nd/3rd Ave.

I have profiled Adonis several times in the past for Manhattan Digest as they are always doing big things in the Upper East Side.  Adonis takes place twice a week at Evolve on the Upper East Side, and other locations throughout the month.  The vibe at Evolve and Adonis is quite laid back, with several stunning and chiseled men available for you to chat it up with or get a lap dance if that’s what your heart desires.  Owner Tim de Ituriaga has quite the answer as to why he thinks his is the best- “Adonis sets the bar to an all new high through our ability to lower your expectations even further regarding all those pretenses associated with strip clubs, as well as the many stereotypes about strippers which we prove are all true!  We stand behind our guarantee that you will not find worse conversations anywhere on Earth, but who cares if the speaker has nice abs”.  Gotta love him.  For more info, check out their official site.

Erotic Hypno, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Erotic Hypno

Want something a little different?  Try Neil aka “Erotic Hypno”

There is nothing wrong with going beyond the norm for you to satisfy whatever you feel is wrong with your current status.  Luckily, I have the perfect solution in Neil, who is also known as “Erotic Hypno” or an Erotic Hypnotist.  Not necessarily something you would see posted outside the local supermarket, but from mutual friends experiences with him he really gets deep into issues that you are having sexually and helps you work through them.  His explanation on this reads as follows- “Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in a sexual context. I can use hypnosis to enhance and create sensations, and to help my clients live out all kinds of sexual fantasies. I can also use hypnosis to help clients with sexual issues, and I even do more standard hypnotherapy (smoking cessation, sticking to a diet/workout regimen, dealing with stress and anxiety, etc.).”  I highly recommend using him as an alternative to the alternative you have been trying.  For more info on him, check out his official site.

Happy Hunting Everyone!