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As Manhattanites, we all know how busy our schedules can be and we always seem to resort to the same food over and over again when it comes to online delivery services.  As great as these websites can be, it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes to navigating down to what you really want at a good price point.  Well I believe I have found the next best thing in NYC food delivery, and it is as simple as one word: Maple.  Maple, which was just launched in April of 2015, is the brainchild of founders Caleb Merkl, Akshay Navle and Will Gaybrick, who all have extensive and incredible backgrounds at companies from Quidsi, High Peak Venture Partners and Thrive Capital. You combine their development and financial skills and pair them with world renowned chefs Soa Davies (executive chef) and David Chang (Chief Culinary Officer) and you no doubt have a recipe for banging success in the near future.

Soa Davies, who comes from the worlds of working with Eric Ripert at the three Michelin starred Le Bernardin, as well as the author of two cookbooks, is the one who is leading the menu development and drives culinary vision for Maple.  David Chang on the other hand, who many people know as the visionary behind one of my favorite restaurants in NYC Momofuku, has also won five James Beard Foundation Awards and two Michelin stars.  He is heading the culinary board and is working very closely with Soa   And these two are bringing you top of the line ingredients, menu options and so much more each day for a price that is simply between $12-15.  Kind of hard to believe right?  Well believe it.  It exists, and its freaking fantastic.

Maple, Manhattan Digest, Ryan Shea
Credit to: Derris

I myself got to try Maple for the first time the other day for lunch and was beyond pleasantly surprised by the entire experience.  The online ordering process is quick and painless- you go to their main screen where they provide you with the multiple fresh and delicious items they have prepared for you that day.  It can be something on the greenery side like Roasted Beet & Avocado Salad or something a little heartier like their Vadouvan Curried Pork (pictured above).  I had their Roast Pork and Fig Sandwich with a green bean salad and it was simply divine.  I have never had figs on a sandwich before, but the combination of both with the aged Manchego on a Balthazar Onion roll really came together.  Its as if Thanksgiving had a super deluxe remix song and this was it and it was a hit.  A big hit.  If this is their simple concept of fresh ingredients prepared daily differently each day, then so far they are winning my vote and hopefully thousands other.

I sat down with the team at Maple to get to know more about the company and why ultimately you should choose them for your next meal in.

Give me a brief description of Maple’s concept and launch.

Maple is a food delivery concept being built from the ground up. We’re combining some of the country’s top culinary talent with some of the brightest minds in technology and logistics to make food delivery exceptional at every touch point. We launched in April 2015 and are working to provide balanced meals made with the highest quality ingredients, curated by the city’s best chefs, all at an accessible price and wrapped up in a consistent and reliable experience.

Manhattan Digest, Maple
Credit to: Derris


What inspired your unique concept?

Maple was born out of frustration over the problems that plague food delivery and out of the idea that a better solution exists.  We think that thoughtfulness around delivery – owning every step of the process and building a company with the singular focus of making the food delivery experience an exceptional one – can yield a service that is truly delightful instead of just tolerable.

Why is the time right for Maple?

The food industry is a big space with a diverse set of problems and customers. We’ve worked really hard to create a new answer to simple and consistent food delivery.  We feel strongly that it shouldn’t be hard to get a well-balanced meal made from high quality ingredients at an accessible price. People are cooking less, but expectations around quality and experience are only pushing higher. It’s the perfect time for Maple.

Maple, Manhattan Digest, Ryan Shea
Credit to: Derris

Don’t just take my word for it, start ordering!  Check out Maple’s official site for more information.

Happy Eating Everyone!