As some of you may already know, there is an absolutely amazing premium leather handbag designer named Patricia Nash. Her products are not your run of the mill leather bags. They have beautiful detail, old world touches, and are built to last.

Patricia Nash had spent years designing for other companies like Disney, Warner Bros., Banana Republic, Express, and American Eagle- just to name a few. A challenge from a friend led to the launch of Patricia Nash Designs in 2010, which has received an overwhelming response with her products extending to stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and various boutiques nationwide.

Patricia Nash Salerno Saddle BagI am a proud owner of the Salerno Saddle Bag, and I can tell you that Patricia Nash’s products’ quality are like no other. The leather strap is so sturdy, and the bag itself is small and structured- great for a day out or daily use. The inside is perfect for orderly keeping of your wallet, phone, and planner. The structured sides are perfect- you’ll never go diving into the bottom of your bag again. Plus, there are two pockets inside that are perfect for keys, change, or other small objects you like to keep easily accessible. And, my favorite feature is the snap that secures the the flap to the purse itself. I accidentally sent the purse crashing down my steps, filled with my wallet, phone, pens, spare change, and various lip balms and absolutely nothing came out! It is absolutely the best snap closure I have ever experienced, which makes it perfect for clumsy folks like myself.

I was given the opportunity to ask Patricia a few questions, so here is what she has to say about her brand.

Your designs are not like anything else that we see today. They have such intricate detail that I have yet to see from any other designer. What are some inspirations behind your brand?

Patricia Nash: “My travels across Europe have provided many inspirations, including vintage shopping in Bologna, London, and Paris. I’ve developed friendships with people who share the same passion for vintage Italian leather bags as I do, and have been inspired by their collections as well as my own.”

You’ve accomplished so much with your brand in a short period of time. So, how does it feel for your career to be where it is now, and for you to do what you love everyday?

Patricia Nash: “Surreal! I am just humbled by the outpouring of women who reach out to me and share their passion for and loyalty with the brand with me.”

With such stunning and high quality products, I’d imagine that a lot of women appreciate your designs and your brand as a whole. What about Patricia Nash Designs really sets your products apart from other leather handbag designers?

Patricia Nash: “The old world craftsmanship and vintage vegetable tanned Italian leathers along with printed and tooled leather are unique to the entire market of handbags sold in the U.S.”

First of all, thank you to Patricia Nash for taking the time to tell us more about her one of a kind brand, Patricia Nash Designs.

The handbag shown in this article is the Salerno Saddle Bag in Florence.

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