Cedar Soap Company, Eric Liebig, Ryan Shea, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Eric Liebig/Cedar Soap Company

Something I always admire are people who have a dream for themselves and instead of letting that dream go to waste they actually follow their destiny and make it happen.  It is even better when it is someone in the LGBT community, which is exactly why I am happy to put this month’s spotlight on the handsome, smart and very talented Eric Liebig, who runs a fantastic body care line called Cedar Soap Company.

I became aware of Eric on none other than social networking, where he amasses thousands of followers due to his incredible physique, friendly demeanor and his success in starting this fabulous company.  I started conversing with him a couple of weeks ago and when I learned more about his soap company and the history of it I knew I had to get him on Manhattan Digest.  With amazing different scents ranging in Egyptian Orange, White Tea & Ginger and my personal favorite, Shea Butter, and a great price to boot, this was a no brainer to feature.  Check out our exclusive on the history, the inspiration, what separates Cedar Soap Company from the pack, and more.

Cedar Soap Company, Eric Liebig
Credit to: Eric Liebig/Cedar Soap Company

How did the concept of this company start?

I was traveling in Turkey during my days in the military and found a small shop that sold pure olive oil soap. I was amazed how clean I felt after using it and from a product that was all natural.

What inspired the name Cedar Soap Company?

I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, we have many Cedar Trees there and its one of my favorite smells of the forest so what better way to name my company after a tree I had many good memories growing up around

There are so many companies like yours, what separates you from the rest of the pack?

I aim to give to my customers a big bar and one that is very well scented. I want my customers to know they are getting a great value for the size and scent of my soaps.

Eric Liebig, Cedar Soap Comapny
Credit to: Eric Liebig/Cedar Soap Company

Do you see yourself promoting the brand in the LGBT space first as you have such a large gay following and then the rest of the spectrum or do you have another plan?

I never planned to reach so many in the LGBT community, but I am thankful for it. My main plan is to reach as many people who love their skin and want to use a natural product to gently clean them.

Speaking of your following, you have 13,000 plus followers on social networking.  Pretty impressive!  How have you been able to amass that?

I am always amazed I have so many followers. I think its because what you see is what you get, a big goofy country boy who loves to break stereo-types and makes great soap. I always aim to be positive and upbeat in all I do.

Now tell me about Cedar Soap.  What are the different types of soaps & products that someone can order?

My soap blend selection varies, I try to have wide range of various scents. All my soaps have excellent traits to keep you clean and your skin soft. I like to have a variety of Herbal, Floral, Woodsy, and Citrus scents to stimulate the senses and I am always looking to expand and add other great scents. I love them all and it is hard to find one that’s my favorite.

Do you add any incentives for your customers when they order your products?

I do, if my customers order three or more bars I send them a nice wooden soap rack to let their special soap rest, and dry out between showers so it lasts longer for them and I am always putting combo pack discounts together for them to save them a little when buying a lot of bars.

If someone is having an issue with dried or cracked skin, what do you recommend they do?

I would suggest them trying my Shea Butter or my Cocoa butter blends. I add a lot more to those blend for that very reason of dry, cracked skin the winter can bring sometimes.

You have some pretty exciting things coming up in 2016.  Can you tell our readers about them?

Yes. I am working creating more visual dynamic soaps, with new fresh crisp scents that will inspire your senses and tease your eyes on amazing look of soaps.

Eric Liebig, Cedar Soap Company
Credit to: Eric Liebig/Cedar Soap Company

What are you ultimately hopeful for regarding the future of Cedar Soap? 

My dream is to soon one day work at this full time and share my passion for my soaps. I would love to reach out to as many as I can and show how a natural product that has been around for thousands of years is still relevant, great for the senses and responsible to the earth. We have one body and one planet to live on, I hope with my efforts I can bring a great soap to benefit my customers and contribute to a better future for our planet.

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