Tommy John, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Tommy John

Unless you decide to freeball at the gym, it is always good to have a good pair of underwear to support the gold ol bulge each day.  Although the term “metrosexual” seems to have come and gone when describing a straight or gay man who takes his grooming very seriously, something that has seemed to stay constant is just that without the term attached to it.  Popular underwear maker Tommy John, which is based right here in New York City, discovered that fewer men are buying their underwear in cheap value packs, or letting someone else make the purchase for them. For the first time, men are starting to care about comfort and support, and they don’t mind spending a little extra for quality.

It’s not surprising in my opinion.  Being in the fashion capital of the world I can totally see how this assessment works for the men in our city.  Buying underwear in bulk kind of goes hand in hand with your wife or girlfriend buying for you, but long gone are those days and the focus has drastically changed with the times.  Tommy John recently came out with this amazing infographic that showcases just how much has changed.

When asked what factor has the strongest influence over your underwear choice, 45 percent of men said comfort, whereas 25 percent said habit an 17 percent said look.  Currently, 59 percent of men aren’t satisfied with their underwear which leads me to believe that comfort may not be the most practical idea when it comes to your next purchase.  When asked what kind of underwear was most popular, the boxer brief got the most responses with 55 percent.  It is also a favorite with the ladies as they like the way it looks on the guy.  I happen to agree with that thought process. :).

Here is where grooming matters.  83 percent of men Manscape, where as 10 percent do not.  Makes me wonder what the other 7 percent does, but needless to say, men are caring about what they look like down there and that also falls into place with what goes over their junk. “To manscape or not, is a pretty personal deciison, but one thing is certain, proper maintenance is mandatory.  once you start, keep a regular grooming routine”, says Mike Gilman of

“Personal style comes from a deeper level and shows the world your self confidence and personality without even having to say anything.  if I’m wearing underwear that is uncomfortable, even though no one else can see it, I never feel my best.  The discomfort distracts you from whatever else you’ve got on your plate that day,” says Ryan Rosenkilde of Brick & Vine.  That could not be a truer statement if I said so myself.

Luckily, Tommy John fits this thought process with their incredible line of great underwear that is stylish, fits well and has a great price point.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Check out their official site for more details.

Happy Shopping Everyone!