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Let’s face it.  We all know how stressful the holidays can be, especially if you are the one hosting and the thought of cooking for a ton of people can add onto that stress a little more (cue in the tons of wine you’ll be drinking).  Well stress be gone, because I have found the solution for you in craft grocer Foragers Market, which is located in the heart of Chelsea and DUMBO.  Foragers is offering chef-quality Thanksgiving meals with fresh, seasonal fare pick-up so you can avoid the crowded supermarkets, restaurants and whatnot and have some amazing dishes prepared for you so by the time you pick it up it is ready to go!

Foragers Market, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Quinn PR

Not familiar with Foragers Market?  Here is a little more about them.  Per the site“At Foragers we choose the best, most carefully produced foods in the world. Since 2005 we have operated a busy neighborhood market in Brooklyn and in 2012 opened a market, restaurant and wine shop in Manhattan. We also own and work a small vegetable farm in upstate New York that grows exclusively for our stores. By growing our own produce and cultivating personal relationships with our producers we make certain that we are selling and creating good, clean food.”

Credit to: Quinn PR
Credit to: Quinn PR

For the holidays, Foragers sources quality, clean food for the house-made dishes including: GMO, antibiotic and hormone-free local heritage or whey-brined turkeys (available fully carved), seasonal sides from area farms, Cape Cod cranberries, NYS apples and pies from Brooklyn-based 4&20 Blackbirds.

The full Thanksgiving menu is available on their website and must be ordered by November 20th.  Full dinners can be custom ordered a la carte or chosen from three themed dinner packagesTraditional Thanksgiving, Vegetarian Thanksgiving and Lighter Thanksgiving – with biodynamic, organic and natural wine pairings upon request.  I would personally do the traditional Thanksgiving as that seems pretty par for the course with what I grew up with, however each of the themed packages seem full n plenty and will satisfy you regardless.  If you are ordering a la carte, some things to consider would be their great line of cheeses, crudite and fresh cut fruit as well as delicious side dishes from fingerling potatoes to sausage & sage stuffing.  Sounds delicious. The wine suggestions are quite impressive as well in the sparkling, white and red categories and seem to pair well with what they are presenting.

Credit to: Quinn PR
Credit to: Quinn PR

Don’t just take my word for it though!  Check out their site and give them a call to make this year’s Thanksgiving the most memorable of all!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Manhattan Location:

300 W. 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011

Brooklyn (DUMBO) Location:

56 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201