Credit to: David Benjamin

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing one of my favorite stars, David Benjamin, for quite some time now.  Something that David brings to his scenes in terms of intensity and the ability to convey to fans that he enjoys what he does really sets him apart from the other players in the game.  Now David is heading into 2016 full throttle as he just became an exclusive with TitanMen, one of the biggest and best studios out there.  With all that is going on with David, he took time to sit down with me and discuss his new role at Titan, his favorite scene partner so far in his career, who he wants to work with now and thoughts on his hopeful future.  Take a look.

Credit to: TitanMen
Credit to: TitanMen

So how does it feel to now be a TitanMen exclusive?

I’m very excited.  TitanMen is the most iconic of all existing studios today.  They, alone, represent unique, strong, beautiful, international men.  TitanMen is, and always has been, about the masculine fantasy – no twinks, no boys, just men.

So the idea that I have the chance to work with TitanMen is amazing!  The fact that they are also in the midst of a renaissance, under the re-energized & reinvigorated leadership with Keith Webb, is also an important reason I am excited.  He, along with Jasun Mark, as the director of production, are brining a new energy and vision to the industry, and I want to be a part of that.

It really is an exciting time for me, and TitanMen as well.  As the porn industry continues evolving it is harder than ever for most studios to stand out AND produce quality. TitanMen is doing just that!

Do you have anything lined up so far with them or any scheduled shoots?

Sure! I’ve shot two scenes so far with TitanMen. My first scene was with Diesel Washington, who after years out of the industry has returned to TitanMen.  There are not enough men of color in porn and (regardless of race) Diesel is one of the most beautiful and charismatic models out there.  The opportunity to work with him is really amazing.

I’m a huge believer that beauty comes in different types of forms.  It does not need to be limited to the “white, muscle twink” mold that has dominated the porn industry since the mid-90s.  In fact, I believe that the gay porn community is desperate for a more contemporary archetype.  Todays gay men are want models that more closely resemble themselves: mature, confident, capable, proudly gay, masculine, and sexually powerful.  Both Diesel and I represent that.

That’s great!  Did you film the scene already?

DB: Yes, the scene was shot in August and should be released in April.  The second scene I shot for TitanMen is part of a politically-themed movie being released next year.

I was pleased to be a part of this project because in my personal life, I used to work for politicians and on campaigns.  In fact, I moved to Washington, DC sixteen years ago to pursue a political career; and I worked in politics for a number of years.  So in this project I get to marry my two interests, porn and politics!

Credit to: David Benjamin
Credit to: David Benjamin

You and Diesel have a lot in common in that you take the aggressor type role in your scenes.  Was it like that when you filmed with each other?

Yes, we both seem to share a similar philosophy when it comes to porn: that confident, strong, gay men are beautiful.  We both brought that attitude to our scene and I think audiences will enjoy the result.  But regardless, it was a joy to work with him.

Since our initial interview, have you had a favorite scene partner?

Yes, I loved working with Logan McCree.  The chemistry between us was palpable and resulted in my most ‘infamous’ scene to date.  We were partnered on a kink scene in which we had to play around with bottles of beer — splashing them all over each other and everything.  At one point I give him a beer enema, which he shoots into my mouth before I spit it back into his ass!!

What made that scene work was the chemistry between Logan and me.  When we met on set we had an immediate personal connection.  That excitement, joy, passion, and sexual tension translated beautifully onto film.  Because we were so compatible, the scene went seamlessly.  And while it is kinky, the scene is still very watchable because he and I are obviously enjoying ourselves and sharing something personal.

Now that you are a TitanMen exclusive, is there something within the studio that you would really like to work with?

Absolutely!  If you look at the roster of TitanMen you have a laundry list of beautiful men, including: Jesse Jackman, Nick Prescott, Eric Nero, and Hunter Marx, just to name a few.

Jesse in particular is someone I think epitomizes masculinity.  Standing 6’3 and weighing about 250, Jesse has an incredible broad chest covered in dark hair and muscles galore.  To look upon Jesse Jackman is to look upon David Benjamin’s idealized physical form!

I remember the first time I ever saw Jesse (at the 2014 Grabby’s).  I was backstage changing when I saw this huge, beautiful man changing outfits as well.  I saw Jesse open the front of his pants to remove them, when out popped this HUGE dick and a mass of curly dark hair.  I just remember catching my breath and thinking, “Wow.  That is a man!”

Now, a year and half later we are both at TitanMen and I hope we get the chance to work together soon!

I personally think you and Rogan Richards would make a really hot scene.

Rogan has been on my radar for a while now. The two of us have spoken, and I feel comfortable saying that there is mutual admiration.  He continues to be not only an incredible physical specimen, but an incredible performer as well.  I hope one day we can work together.

Do you feel snubbed about not getting an Xbiz nomination?

No.  Awards are wonderful, and I’ve had the opportunity to be nominated and win some in the past.  It is always an honor to be recognized by your community.  However, I am not upset because I’m living the life that I want and that is more rewarding than any nominations.

For too long, I allowed myself to believe that the life I wanted was out of my reach.  So now that I am here, living the life of my dreams, I’m hardly going to get upset because I am not up for an XBiz award.

Do you have an opinion about the whole Rentboy thing?

I do!  Rentboy was part an important part of the porn community and, I think, people demure from talking about it because they do not want to be drawn into the investigation.  It is an unfortunate story, but I will say this.  Whether or not it was a legal enterprise, Rentboy provided escorts a sense of community and a spirit of service that other ‘legitimate’ enterprises don’t.  Rentboy offered a support system for many people, and to see that support system ripped away is disappointing.

Credit to: David Benjamin
Credit to: David Benjamin

So in conclusion, now that 2015 is almost done, what are you looking forward to in the upcoming year?

I get this question a lot.  “What’s the plan?”  “Where will you be in five years?”  “What’s the exit strategy?” and I say this.  I am an intellectually curious man. I like working and contributing to my community.  While I don’t have an idea of what comes next (start a production company, become an advocate, write a book, open a gym, etc…), whatever I do will have my full attention.

I just hope that the support I’ve received over the past year and a half will carry over into any future projects I pursue.

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