The holidays have wrapped up and the new year is rolling in, but what’s going on with your manicure? With just a week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is easy to let the candy cane mani last a bit too long or your current color chip off rather than start new. But you don’t need to find the time to go back to the nail salon to step up your nail art game for the new year. All you need is a quick swipe of a new color, or even a quick tweak to your existing color before you head out for the night.

Matte nails and glitter nail art are just a few of many trends that have drawn attention this year, and they are definitely sticking around for 2016. Matte polish turns your mani from basic to sophisticated with no extra effort, and glitter adds that extra flair for fun times. Plus, stripes, shapes, decor, and other extras are just a few other methods easy enough to try yourself, but detailed enough to look fresh from the salon. Here are just a few ways to use these methods to get yourself NYE ready.

If you do have candy cane nails, go over the white or red striped with a silver or gold glitter polish to bring some shimmer to your pre-existing mani. It will look totally new, but only take you a few minutes. And if you’re not into glitter- that’s okay, too. Switching out the red for a blue will still get you a different look in no time at all.









Or if you’re ready to wipe away the holidays and start on a clean slate for the new year, grab a navy blue or dark red and paint away. Using a matte polish, or going over a regular polish with a matte topcoat, is also a great way to get an expensive look without going to a salon. And if you want to sparkle like the ball in Times Square, grab a glitter polish and give yourself a quick accent nail.

img-thingRed Gold pinch





These colors go with anything you want to wear for New Year’s Eve, and no on will ever know it took you all of 5 minutes sitting at your coffee table. Matte polishes, topcoats, glitter polishes, and decor extras can all be found anywhere from Sephora to Duane Reade. Just don’t wait too long- 2016 is just days away!