Credit to: David Anthony

For as many interviews that I have done over the past couple of years at Manhattan Digest, few have stuck with me when it comes to the person’s character, intelligence and a firm grasp of who they are both in and out of the industry they are working in.  This is true in the sense of TitanMen legend David Anthony, who has been one of the top performers in the industry for years now yet has remained one of the most low profile and humble stars out there today.

David personifies a lot of what gay men want on screen.  Chiseling good looks, great body, and other features that will get anyone to sweat a little and wish they were somewhere else at the moment.  Outside of all of that, David is one of the most normal, nice and intelligent men I have interviewed in this industry in that he comes and goes when he pleases, does his thing, and lives a pretty normal life outside of it.  He exemplifies the anti of what you would think an adult star is nowadays, but does it in a way that feels genuine just based off of the conversation we had for this interview.  David sits down with Manhattan Digest to discuss how he got into the industry, thoughts on why men of a certain age are dominating it currently, favorite scene partner, and more.

So David, how did you get into the industry in the first place?

I did a bit of modeling in LA for Men Magazine in the early 2000’s. But I got my inspiration when I was younger. My sisters and several girlfriends suggested that I modeled, however I didn’t take the suggestion too seriously until years later.  I had received an offer for a shoot for Men Magazine and landed on the cover a couple months later unexpectedly! During that shoot, my photographer, Mark Henderson, had some of the lastest Titanmen porn for inspiration. I never forgot how well Titan made those films.

Some years had passed since I did the modeling, and I had taken a job in Hungary, working as an engineer. As a result of living and working there for a few years, my carefree European lifestyle inspired me to do films. It didn’t take long to decide who I wanted to work with.  Before I knew it, I was in SanFran making my first film.  All of the Titan employees took good care of the performers which impressed me. Titan made an offer to me for an exclusive contract and I said yes. The rest just worked out well with no expectations.

Who was your first scene with and what was that experience like?

It was excellent, because at the time, Brian Mills was the director, and it was during the DVD heyday, internet streaming wasn’t anything like it is today.  The first scene took place just south of SanFran, at a secluded residence that Titan had at the time.  It was quite enjoyable since we weren’t in a studio. The scenes were filmed outdoors, in the woods, I loved it.

My first scene partner and mentor was Tony Buff. He and I did the scene with one of his boys, it was a great fetish film.  Tony was quite helpful, and everyone else was very supportive. There weren’t any issues to contend with.

You’ve stuck with TitanMen from beginning to now.  What drew you in there and what has made you stay for this amount of time?

As I mentioned earlier, when I was at my photo shoot for Men Magazine, my photographer Mark Henderson had some of the latest Titan DVD’s.  I hadn’t heard of Titan before that shoot.  I wasn’t porn savvy so much; I knew some of the older studios.  Mark played one particular Titan dvd for me, and as I was enjoying the hot men in it I thought “Wow, I’m also loving the scenery and realism!”  That moment just stuck in my head, and drew me to Titan. They produced a fantastic product.

What has made me stay?  I wasn’t interested in being a studio monger.  I wasn’t that absorbed in the industry in the first place, I had a whole other life.  I just didn’t find it necessary to leave Titan as I liked the consistency in what I was doing.

Looking back, do you have a favorite scene partner that brings back good memories?

I don’t know, I liked all my partners, they were all fun in their own way. I had a hot time with each and every one.  As far as the films go, one particular shoot that brings fond memories was a Folsom release called “Stockroom”.  That was filmed in LA at a place called Stockroom; they make many of their own leather & fetish products. It is a really cool store.  The back of the building contains an old warehouse where we did all of the scenes. It is a VERY old warehouse, not sure when it was built, but it was quite unique with big old wood beams, an old service elevator and the right atmosphere for making a fetish film.  I love the way that film came out, the cast was a lot of fun.

Credit to: David Anthony
Credit to: David Anthony

Something that I have noticed lately, with a lot of men that I interview, is that the top dogs of the industry are of a certain age.  Usually they are younger guys in their early to mid 20’s.  Why do you think that has shifted as time has gone by?

My theory is that another cultural shift is happening….daddy has made a comeback. For example, in recent years, venturing out in Philadelphia on rare occasions, I see that the young guys lack some type of identity.  I see it in how they dress, how they act and carry themselves. “How am I supposed to be as a gay person?” is what I am seeing in them. When I was their age, many young men strove to be this masculine image. It was all around me growing up. We had mentors. Whether it was your father, neighbor, uncle, or simply another man that you admired from a masculine perspective. You molded yourself into that type and today I don’t see that as a thing anymore. So the fact that our generation still has that persona; it makes us popular because we still have that thing.  The younger guys, with other studios, that I have come across online, may be cute in a chicken-sort-of-way, but they seem to be missing that essence of a young “strapping” man. I don’t get any sexual vibe from them. I just don’t get it, hence the demand for daddy. Everything seems to come full circle.

Are there any actors or directors that you would really love to work with?

No (laughs).  I worked with Titan this past April for the movie that was just released this November, titled oddly enough, “Like Father, Like Son”.  I could not top the experience that I get working with the Titan crew. As I mentioned before, I am not so connected with the industry overall.  I don’t know who or what is out there anymore since there is just too much of it.  I think I’ll just stick to my guns.

So there isn’t even an actor you would like to work with?

Oh god, there are probably a dozen of them.  However, I don’t keep tabs on names and things like that; I don’t watch porn very often.  So I don’t see who is out there, I’m not living in Los Angeles or New York or San Francisco experiencing the latest porn culture. And I’d rather let things happen naturally with whomever I may be working with in the future.  The mystery of the thing is what it is all about.

So the movie that Titan just released that they brought you back for- is this going to be a one and done for you or do you plan on doing more?

Of course I would do more, but it really is up to Titan.  If they need me again, and the timing is right, I would be happy to be in another one of their films. Once a Titanman, always a Titanman.

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