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As crazy as New York City can actually be, sometimes it is really good to experience something amazing yet have it be in a quieter, controlled setting where your focus is a lot better and you can enjoy things at a better decibel.  This seems to be a great concept for a supper club called I Forgot It’s Wednesday, or IFIW for short. Run by husband and wife team Matt & Jenny Dorsey, IFIW made leaps and bounds as the number one superclub in San Francisco by 7×7 Magazine (over Michelin-starred Lazy Bear) and was also featured in top food publications such as SF Weekly, Eater, The Village Voice and more. So what makes IFIW so special?

According to Jenny Dorsey, “I Forgot It’s Wednesday is a new supperclub concept designed to make the dinner conversation as interesting as the meal itself. We serve a 7 course dinner paired with a 4 course cocktail flight in an inviting environment where our guests can feel comfortable engaging in stimulating and interesting conversation.”  IFIW was originally a strictly Wednesday night thing but now has moved to Saturday nights.  Regardless of the day change, their mission is pretty simple- overlook the trendy dining places we can go to any day of the week and bring together like-minded individuals who love food and passionate conversation and connect people on a much different level.

Credit to:  Nanette Wong (
Credit to: Nanette Wong (

Quite frankly, I love this concept as I am always looking for something more intimate in a city that truly never sleeps. Matt & Jenny’s background is quite impressive as well for them to come to this fantastic concept together and make it work.  Jenny is a  professional chef and has a background in fine dining; most recently she was part of the team at 2 Michelin starred Atera.  Matt on the other hand is a mixologist who learned from the best at Holeman & Finch (Atlanta) and most recently won the StarChefs Cocktail Competition. Pretty impressive if I must say so myself.

Their new format in how they do IFIW is sweet and awesome all at the same time.  They are now hosting weekly 7-course dinners on Saturdays ($85), with an optional 3 course cocktail pairing ($30) at their beautiful exposed-brick artist loft in Chelsea (complete with a fireplace!). Each month they are also hosting a 3 course brunch ($40) with unlimited Bloody Mary’s and mimosas.  How does any of that sound bad, seriously?

Credit to:  Nanette Wong (
Credit to: Nanette Wong (

IFIW is officially relaunching to the public here in NYC on February 6th, with their first 7 course dinner & 4 course cocktails starting things off for this booming brand.  More information on them can be seen here and in the links below.  I myself will be attending one in the upcoming weeks and can’t wait to see what Jenny and Matt have in store for me and everyone else that shows up.  Happy Eating everyone, and check out why IFIW is going to be a concept you will want to try again and again.

Credit to: Matt & Jenny Dorsey
Credit to: Robin Lam, Make Things Happen,

Location: Artist Loft in Chelsea (18th and 8th Ave)

Dates/Times: Dinner every Saturday at 8PM; Brunch last Sunday of each month at 1PM.

Price: Dinner/Cocktails: $85/$30; Brunch: $40

Contact Info: Jenny Dorsey:; General email:

Website & Menu:

Social Media outlets: FB: @isitwednesday and IG: @iforgotitswednesday

7 Course Dinner & 4 Course Cocktails: Feb 6 & 20 –
3 Course Brunch & Unlimited Drinks: Feb 28 –