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So it is March, shouldn’t it be at least a little warmer by now? Well, the dreaded snow came back to say hello today, which sucks, but there is a zillion different ways to keep yourselves warm.  One way, that happens to not only be warm but delicious as well, is with a tasty Hot Toddy.  So where can you enjoy this Hot Toddy and have it be complimentary as well?  Look no further, because starting today, W New York- Union Square and Irvington Bar & Restaurant will be serving complimentary samples of Irvington Toddy’s Wednesday-Saturday’s between the hours of 4-5 PM at their fabulous bar cart.

Irvington, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Gerber Group

Irvington Bar & Restaurant has been a favorite of ours at Manhattan Digest in the past, where we reviewed its brand new location last year.  Opened for about a year now, this fabulously designed property boasts incredibly tasty items for you to try, from its Duck Confit Pot Pie to its Braised Short Ribs, just as a couple of options.  Now, you can bask inside its warmth and beautiful design while sipping on a tasty Hot Toddy and enjoying the wintry weather inside.  How much fun is that?

Being touted as its “Too Hot To Trot” Hot Toddy Bar Cart, they will be serving its signature Irvington Toddy’s as well as a rotating menu of other steaming spirits that change each evening.  Super awesome.  Limit one per guest, subject to availability.  Definitely sounds like you should stop on by and experience it.  For more information, check out their official site.