Credit to: Jukely

New York City has the hottest ticket in town for so many different things.  The best restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and of course, the best places to see all the live concerts you want.  Whether its Madison Square Garden, Beacon Theater or Barclay’s, the biggest acts in the world come to the greatest city in the world for their epic performances.  What happens if its sold out and you can’t go?  Well, fear not, because music app Jukely, the monthly subscription service that sends its members to the hottest concerts in their area from $25/month, has announced a brand new feature today called Standby, where members can now queue up for sold out shows and earn a spot if another member ducks out.

Credit to: Jukely
Credit to: Jukely

The Standby feature is going to exponentially increase members’ chances of attending the best shows on the Jukely platform + achieve the Jukely goal: get as many members out to shows as possible.

  • Once a show sells out, interested members simply add themselves to Standby
  • Members are then notified of their opportunity via SMS when another members gives away their spot.

“Standby has been our most-requested feature since the earliest iteration of the service: the ability to place yourself on a rolling waitlist to a high-demand show and receive a notification when a spot becomes available,” stated Head of Product at Jukely, Chris Muccioli. “We’re excited to roll it out and hope it makes getting into shows even easier for our members.”

With Journey, Santana and Chicago coming up just at Madison Square Garden, now is the best time to download the Jukely app and get ahead of the game to ensure you can get into your favorite act’s show and enjoy a great night.  For more information, check out their official site.