Credit to: Zeppelin Hall

With the weather being in the mid-70’s today, you can tell that the heat will be approaching New York City for the upcoming months.  I for one can’t wait, and neither can Zeppelin Hall Biergarten & Barbecue, who is hosting their “Hot Stuff” festival full of all the delicious, hot and spicy food at their Jersey City location, starting March 18th through the 27th.

Zeppelin is challenging their customers to literally feel the burn by offering a special “Hot Stuff” menu! Featuring seven fiery selections, items range from mild to deadly, so there’s something to fit all tastes and spice tolerances. Guests can choose from options like the sizzling Devil’s Fingers, which is the most intense choice on the menu at 1,041,427 units on the “Pepper Heat Scale” and features three chicken tenders skewered and tossed in the world’s hottest ghost pepper sauce, Suicide Wings (325,000 units), jumbo crispy wings smothered in a house made Habanero buffalo sauce, and the Nashville Hot Chicken (58,000 units), which is brined over night in house blended spices then fried in hand made batter and tossed in Pequin pepper sauce.

Milder options include the 5 Alarm Nachos (5,000 units), fresh corn tortilla chips that are topped with spicy queso cheese sauce, fire-hot chili, sliced jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce and chili flakes, and Texas Bottle Caps (2,500 units), mixed jalapeno slices breaded and deep-fried with buffalo ranch and spicy queso cheese sauce.

The authentic European style biergarten is comprised of three indoor rooms and a huge tree lined outdoor garden. Featuring communal table seating arrangements, Zeppelin Hall acts as a “living room for the neighborhood” and is conveniently located at the Jersey Avenue Light Rail stop, and a few blocks from the PATH Train Grove St. station. Zeppelin Hall is located at 88 Liberty View Drive in Jersey City and for more information please check out:  Should be an awesome time, hope you can stop by for at least one of the days!