Credit to: Retailmenot

With spring time right around the corner (don’t forget to set your clocks forward Sunday, y’all), there are several big events that are happening that get us in the mood for what is to come. Everything from NCAA March Madness, tons of travel, Easter, Spring Cleaning and the all-important Wedding Season are all upon us. Well, RetailMeNot, one of the top digital offer sites, has compiled some super interesting stats about all of this just to give you a better look as to how 2016 will fare up for each.

Not familiar with RetailMeNot? RetailMeNot is the leading digital offers destination that helps consumers save money with hundreds of thousands of digital offers for their favorite retailers. The app/website is the one-stop-shop for the best online sales and coupons, making it easy to shop the best deals across a variety of categories.

Credit to: Retailmenot
Credit to: Retailmenot

Here are some fun stats that they have compiled about all the big things in the upcoming months:

March Madness: 16% of Americans admit to having pretended to know about the March Madness games in the past.

Easter: When it comes to Easter candy – the chocolate bunny trumps all. The top Easter candies people purchase are chocolate bunnies (76%), jellybeans (67%) and Cadbury eggs (59%), all of which are preferred over the 63 year-old Peeps candy (45%).

Spring Cleaning: What would you want magically cleaned? If Americans were to pick one area in their homes, kitchens are at the top of the list (21%), followed by bedrooms (18%), dining room (13%) and the garage (12%).

Travel: Over half (53%) of Americans plan on not travelling to countries with known cases of the Zika virus.

Wedding Season: How much should you spend? Wedding-goers expect to spend $195 on a sibling’s wedding gift, $159 on a best friend, $63 on a coworker and $45 on an acquaintance.

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