From, Chelsea, Uptown
From, Chelsea, Uptown, NYC, 2016

You may recall that earlier this year I shared some photos from the apartment that a friend of mine was looking at in Chelsea. He ended up passing on it in favor of another building a few blocks away. The location is great for him but a photographer’s dream for me. With views of the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building, I was able to capture some great, sweeping cityscapes. I am always remind that art is truly where you find it* and it can be anywhere, even the rooftop of your brand new apartment building.

*More on this in an upcoming article!

And Chelsea Below
And Chelsea Below, 2016, NYC
God's Grace
God’s Grace and the Hudson River, 2016, NYC
From Chelsea, Downtown
From Chelsea, Downtown, 2016, NYC
Fire Escapes
Fire Escapes, 2016, NYC
From, Chelsea, Uptown
From Chelsea, Uptown, NYC, 2016
From Chelsea, Downtown
From Chelsea, Downtown , 2016, NYC