Credit to: Think Public Relations

We are big fans of The Living Room inside the beautiful W Hotel, right in the heart of Times Square.  It’s modern vibe and eclectic feel to it makes it stand out in an area of the city that is cluttered with not much to look at, especially if you live here and aren’t the typical “tourist” type who inhabits that part of the city.  Nevertheless, they have come up with a super new concept, just in the for the spring.  They are introducing six new cocktails that have a theme to them designed after the Peep candy that we all love for this time of year.  On top of that, they are kicking off a “Peep Show” performance this Monday, where burlesque performers will be entertaining the crowd as they sip on these delicious drinks.

Credit to: Think Public Relations
Credit to: Think Public Relations

The six different types of “Peep” cocktails that are available at your delicious disposal are as follows-

The Pin-Up (Pink Cosmo)

Lemon Peep-tini (Yellow Lemon Drop)

Peter Cotton Tail Creamsicle (Orange Creamsicle)

The Egg Hunt (Blue Margarita)

The Peep Show  (Purple French Kiss)

Green Grass Midori  (Green Midori)

Credit to: Think Public Relations
Credit to: Think Public Relations

Don’t they just sound super tasty!  Each of them are garnished with the iconic candy of spring, a tiny little marshmallow Peep through the end of the month.  This drink selection will be available until the end of this month, March 31st.  Here are the full details for the event, enjoy!

WHO:            Anyone who wants to peep 

WHEN:          March 21 – 31, 2016

 Special “Peep Show” Performance Monday, March 21

WHERE:        W Times Square, 1567 Broadway @47th Street