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For some reason, The doughnut (or donut, depending on how you spell it), has never really been the Beyonce of sweets when it comes to how you compare it to other delectables like cookies or cake.  Well, fear not my doughnut loving friends, because two amazing companies in New York City are planning on making the doughnut the star of the show when top delivery service Maple & West Village mainstay The Doughnut Project will be presenting Doughnut Week this coming week in Manhattan.  Get your taste buds ready people!

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For those who don’t know about either, here is a good refresher.  Maple is on trend to be the next big thing in food delivery in New York City, after launching a year ago this month.  With world renowned chefs David Chang and Soa Davies at the helms of its creative and flavorful menu, they have taken full charge of what we should expect when we order a delicious and tasty lunch as opposed to something rushed, soggy or greasy.  They have done that and so much more.

Credit to: The Doughnut Project
Credit to: The Doughnut Project

The Doughnut Project, which has four and a half stars on its Yelp page and five stars on TripAdvisor, makes small batch, hand crafted yeast donuts to order.  From their Maple Bacon Bar to Peanut Butter Jelly Time, their flavors and concepts are highly original and taste great to boot.  See more of it here.

The "Wayney Wonder". Credit to: The Doughnut Project
The “Wayney Wonder”. Credit to: The Doughnut Project

Each day this week, Maple will feature a new flavor from the Doughnut Project to be paired with your Maple lunch. They’re kicking things off with the Wayney Wonder, a heavenly blend of salted chocolate glaze with buttered pretzel, ritz, and potato chip crumble.  Tasty, tasty.

Credit to: Maple
Credit to: Maple

For more information on Maple, check out their official site. Fair warning: these babies are hand crafted in small batches, so a very limited number will be available each day.  Maple Pro Tip: Login at 11:01pm when our dinner service closes each night to see our lunch menu for the following day. Choose a window for lunch and place your order the night before for greater donut lock-in odds.



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