Credit to: Hard Rock Cafe New York

The Hard Rock Cafe New York is planning something super awesome, fun and tasty for a day some enjoy (and some dread) next week… Tax Day!  Yes, on April 18th only, guests who visit The Hard Rock Cafe will have a chance to win a FREE Legendary Burger (pictured above), but you will have to work your vocals in order to earn this tasty treat.  In something they are calling “Sing For Your Supper”, anyone who sings a karaoke-themed song outside of the location will get this burger and all of its deliciousness!

“Over the last two years, Hard Rock Cafe has given away thousands of burgers on Tax Day to those who were brave enough to sing on stage,” said Alex Merchan, Sr. Director, Marketing & Sales Cafes Worldwide of Hard Rock International. “With Tax Day being held on April 18 this year, we’re hoping that guests will use the extra time to practice their vocals and plan a trip to one of our cafes across the nation.”

Credit to: Hard Rock Cafe
Credit to: Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe’s Legendary Burger features a Certified Angus Beef® patty topped with smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese, a golden fried onion ring, crisp lettuce and vine ripened tomato, served on a toasted brioche bun with Hard Rock’s seasoned fries. Just like the artists whose memorabilia lines the walls at Hard Rocks worldwide, the burgers that Hard Rock Cafe serves are nothing short of “Legendary.” All burgers are made with the highest quality meats, fresh toppings, savory sauces and rich, melted cheeses.

This, as a former fat kid and now husky and cute adult, can relish in something like this as it would be a super awesome chance to sing a great karaoke song like “Don’t Stop Believin” or “I Will Survive” in order to enjoy something as tasty as their Legendary Burger. The event begins at 5pm and ends at 7pm, so make sure you get there for a super fun time!  For more information, check out their official site.