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Last time, Acid Betty went home, and I’m conflicted. I thought she had some DAMN good outfits, and I’m sure there was producer interference, but sheesh, she was mean.

Everyone files back into the workroom. Kim Chi is happy that Naomi didn’t leave. Naomi is sad that she sent someone home. She’s nice. Everyone hates Bob. Because they’re all jealous. Or something. Maybe Bob can be grating. I have no idea. Bob seems made for reality TV so, maybe step it the fuck up? We’re on season 8. Don’t you remember that one contenstant on Project Runway who was kicked off and then came back and the season she came back, she spent the ENTIRE TIME making faces, no matter what, so that the editors would have stuff to play with? Do that.

Anyway, the Library is Open and we get to read each other. Some ginger cub from some magazine is there to look… who the fuck knows? The queens read each other, and it’s surprisingly good. You know how there’s always one queen who just crashes and burns? There was none of that. Sure, Derrick didn’t look as good as the others, but she was still better than a ton of other queens who’ve done this in the past.

And then we get to the Maxi Challenge. Ru starts talking about his favorite book, The Wizard of Oz, and THEN THE CAST OF LITTLE WOMEN L.A. WALKS IN!!! WHY? NO REALLY? WHY? THIS SEEMS POORLY THOUGHT OUT!!! We’re also in the make-over challenge. Ok. We’re just … rushing through this season. Each queen is paired up with one of the reality tv stars, who was preassigned a character from The Wizard of Oz. There are NO Munchkins, so… thank the hundred little gods for that?

Bob is nervous about what to do. Robbie doesn’t KNOW what to do. Chi Chi and Tonya bond over their experiences together. Kim Chi has a lot of expectations due to being all high fashion. Ru surprises them with having to do an interpretive dance duo in a poppy field. … huh. Why? This seems extraneous. Robbie runs into issues with her sewing machine, while ChiChi half asses a sequin skirt.

The next morning, Bob’s dress falls apart and he has to put a new one together AND make up his co-drag queen AND make up himself. Derrick is watching this, ready for Bob to go home, while he is sticking tin foil cones on his shoulders. Ok, gurl. Ok.

The runway happens and Naomi, Thorgy, and Kim Chi slayed it. Chichi would have been safe in an earlier challenge, maybe. Bob was ok, but didn’t stand out and I think that’s why the judges hated it. She also didn’t bother to make excuses, which is good and bad in these type of situations. Derrick and Robbie are terrible. The duets happen about as you’d expect them to go.

Meanwhile, Ross woke up on the wrong side of the bed and proceeds to read EVERYONE for filth. Someone isn’t happy. We get that damned “who should go home?” question, and half of the queens say Derrick and the other half say ChiChi. This question is only to be bitches and I wish they’d stop asking it. Anyway, Ru keeps calling Derrick, “Britney,” which is telling about so many things. I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.

Naomi wins. Derrick and Robbie are in the bottom two. Derrick does a good job and I’m all “What’s Robbie doing?” AND SHE TAKES HER FUCKING WIG OFF!!! STAHP!!!!!

Seriously. If you go on Drag Race, don’t take your fucking wig off. Ever. Not even if you have another wig underneath it, since that trick has been done. Leave your hair on, or you WILL be going home. This goes for your shoes, too.

Just don’t.

And so, Robbie goes home. Robbie, I wish you had been better. But you had a tone of excuses and a huge gap between your forehead and your hairline. And we all can do better.

Next time! Top six!! Who’s going home? Will Naomi give us another two piece? Will Chi Chi hot glue herself into the bottom two? Will it be the end of the world for Derrick?


  1. Oh, Robbie Turnter, I had such high hopes for you in the beginning… Also slightly bummed to see that my prediction of Chi Chi being “leisurely” has come true. She’s got sass class and ass for days, so if she would step it up a little more, she could go far.

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