Credit: The Kitano Hotel

Who doesn’t love brunch?  It is freaking delicious!  The problem with breakfast in New York City sometimes is that it tends to be the same type of dishes (Bacon, Egg & Cheese, French Toast, Eggs Benedict, etc) that tend to be repeated to the point where originality is out the door and you are having the same thing over and over again.  If you are looking for a great twist to your everyday breakfast, look no further than The Kitano Hotel’s wonderful spread, located right inside their fabulous Murray Hill location.

Kitano Hotel, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Kitano Hotel

I had the great opportunity to spend a night or two at Kitano Hotel, and it is unique in so many ways.  Being the only Japanese-owned hotel in Manhattan, they evoke a style, tranquility and presence in the NYC hotel scene that is unparalleled to others.  This also happens to be true with their wonderful spread you can enjoy for breakfast each morning, as its Japanese twist on things will leave you wanting more and more.

Credit: The Kitano Hotel
Credit: The Kitano Hotel

The daily breakfast buffet now offers a full array of Japanese breakfast delicacies (along traditional American items) for $37 per person. Diners can explore a new breakfast ritual with delicacies including Natto (fermented soybean), Japanese Pickles, Daily Grilled Fish (wild salmon or yellowtail), Fish Cakes, Seaweed, Pickled Plums, and Miso Soup.

Sounds fresh, fun and tasty, my kind of meal!  For more information on The Kitano Hotel, check out their official site.