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Filling in for David this week as he is sickening! No he’s just not feeling well boo boos. My turn to throw the shade mwhahaha! Last week, we finally saw some basic impersonator go home who should’ve left after he walked into the werk room the first episode. Nevertheless, he and his receding hairline are gone, and now we are down to an amazing top 4. Each have possessed some seriously strong skill sets throughout the season, and this might possibly be their strongest and most likable top 4 ever.


The episode starts and they walk into the werk room in full makeup and a robe, and are greeted by RuPaul and director Jayson Whitmore, who I hope makes a Raging Stallion video with Jamal Sims one day so my hand is sore from happiness. As in every season for the most part, this is where they film the video for Ru’s latest single “The Realness”, which is what I blast to when I’m walking into Chipotle for the 2nd time on a Tuesday. All of them have to lip sync upwards to the song on a black table of sorts, with the other girls fanning them with beautifully soft colored fabrics. Even the raw footage of each of them is stunning. The only person to kind of mess up here is Kim as she falls off, but she is so endearing throughout this season that I for one don’t fault her for it.

The second part of the video has each of them performing in an Avant Garde type look, which each achieve in their own way, however Naomi’s blue look and short blonde hair had me gagging and not just because I was shoving a zillion gummi bears in my mouth. She’s easily one of the best fashion girls this show has ever had, outside of Kim, and it’s a big reason she made it this far. Chi Chi gets tripped up, literally, on her dress but manages to still pull off some great dance moves, same as Bob with his quirky humor and great personality.

Credit: The Huffington Post
Credit: The Huffington Post

Bianca Del Rio shows up for 5 seconds, makes us laugh and reminds us why they didn’t bring Violet back as those 5 seconds would’ve been me changing the channel to something about food or watching Nyle DiMarco give me a chub. Then, the third part of the video has them performing in front of a mirror, which is just meh to me. Is it just me or were these tasks absurdly easier than previous seasons for the music video?

Then, they all reflect on their journeys and how they got to this point. Bob talks about becoming a drag queen because of RPDR, similarly to how Derrick Berry started using Rogaine.  They needed it. Honestly, this is the one season where I hope they have a top 4 in the finale and not top 3, because even though this season was abbreviated, they all had such an amazing journey to get to where they are and did it being likable and aware of themselves.

The runway looks are all great, I just wish Chi Chi did something that was a bit more original. It reminded me of Alexis Matteo’s final look in S3, very pageant and done before. Naomi slayed with her down to the ass black hair and gorgeous red ensemble. I enjoyed Bob’s feminine take on the tuxedo, yet I do agree with Michelle that she could’ve done something different with the pants. Kim’s look is amazing and intricate, I have never seen her look bad at all this season.

The queens each see photos of themselves from when they were boys, and give their boy selves advice about the future. Kim’s story made me burst into tears, as it seems she’s had it very rough for a lot of her life and she’s finally come full circle at this moment in her career. It’s amazing as is the other 3 stories. The judges do a fantastic debate, and then the 4 lip sync to “The Realness” and Ru sends Chi Chi home. I’m not shocked, I was just semi hoping she would be in the top 3 as I think she would give Bob and Kim a big run for their money.

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

There you have it dolls. Bob The Drag Queen, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls are your top 3. I always saw Bob and Kim in this position, yet I really thought Thorgy had that third spot on lock. I’m thrilled though that Naomi is in the finale, and this is looking to be a great race to the finish. Who is your pick? Check back here next Monday where David and I break down the top 3 and who we really think should win.