Credit: 1800 Milenio

Just because Cinco De Mayo has passed, doesn’t mean the party should stop!  With the warmer weather in full effect up in Manhattan, we are all looking to spend our days and nights partying it up with delicious drinks galore.  So if Margaritas, Mojitos and beverages like that don’t do the trick for you, maybe some delicious Luxury Tequila options will?  We have found some great and tasty tequila choices for you to enjoy at your next Manhattan party.  Take a look at what we found, and enjoy responsibly!

Credit: Cuervo
Credit: Cuervo

Reserva de la Familia ($135)

A high-end extra aged tequila that is the result of family tradition passed down through the Jose Cuervo family line for generations.

Made with 100% blue agave tequila that is aged in French and American oak barrels for an average of 3 years, with batches aged up to 30 years added to the final blend.

Housed in a wooden box adorned with the work of a Mexican artist, with each year displaying a different artist hand-chosen by the Jose Cuervo family-

To purchase nationwide:

Credit: 1800 Milenio
Credit: 1800 Milenio

1800 Milenio ($225)

Premium extra-aged anejo tequila, matured for forty months in American Oak barrels.

The liquid spends four months being finished in French Oak ex-cognac barrels.

Surprisingly balanced, soft and unique flavor with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and caramel.

Available nationwide in select markets.