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And, here we are!!! The top three! Last night was a filler episode, so we’re going to talk some shit about the top three, instead.

First of all, this isn’t the top three I expected, though to be fair, I couldn’t really pull out a top three from the group. I could tell who was going to make it to Snatch Game, but that’s about it. What I’m saying is that we’ve had some stand out queens, and some serious cannon-fodder. I would have put Thorgy Thor or Acid Betty up here, but since they are more comedy queens from New York, that would be too much of the same in the top three.

Credit to: LOGO TV
Credit to: LOGO TV

Naomi Smalls

Pros: She’s fucking gorgeous, and has legs longer than Dida Ritz‘. She’s sweet and pretty talented, and in any other season would have easily been a contestant for Miss Congeniality.

Cons: While she’s very talented, she hasn’t stood out in many challenges, and often wears the same basic type of outfits. We’ve seen her before.

I like Naomi, but I think she’s a long shot. If she wins, I will be surprised, but not disappointed. She’s kind of the same, and there’s been very few contestants who’ve pulled that into a win. Bianca always wears the same floor length boat neck Audrey Hepburn coke dream look, BUT Bianca’s funny and snarky and quick with a come-back. On the other hand, watching Tyra perform was about as interesting as watching the linoleum curl, but she was spot on with her looks. Naomi’s stuck in the middle of all that, and I can’t see that being the winner.

Credit to: LOGO TV
Credit to: LOGO TV

Kim Chi

Pros: She’s learned a lot in this season. Her last few runway challenges have show that she’s been practicing walking in heels and no longer looks like an extra in Jurassic Park. I mean one of the dinosaurs. Her make up artistry is AMAZING, and her costumes have been breathtaking. She’s also never been in the bottom two.

Cons: She’s pretty quiet and shy, and that tends to be a quality that RuPaul doesn’t go for, at least in the winner. She still seems to have a lot to learn.

When I was watching the Meet the Queens videos, I didn’t expect Kim Chi to make it this far, or be this good. Of the top three, she’s had the most growth, which could be a plus or a minus, though almost none of it has been for her make-up and styling. She could very easily win if RuPaul was going for a transformation story, and honestly, I think Kim Chi could use the win (and the contract) more than the other two.

Credit to: LOGO TV
Credit to: LOGO TV

Bob the Drag Queen

Pros: She’s been a strong contender in almost every challenge. She’s funny and always ready with a snappy comeback.

Cons: She doesn’t do glamour very well, and RuPaul really likes glamour. She’s also talked herself into a corner, on more than one occasion.

Bob has been the front runner since day 1, which could hurt or help, since I know that RuPaul’s been upfront about choosing a winner and then working the show around that person. I just can’t help but feel that Bob might be a red herring. Especially since her glamour looks have left something to be desired, and a good glamour look is integral to the RuPaul ouvre. She also doesn’t need the final contract. She’s got the talent, and now as the exposure and I’m sure would be better without being tied down to Logo/World of Wonder for a year.

So, it’s almost anyone’s game. I don’t think Naomi will be in the top two, but you never know. Her look is something that RuPaul does prize. Bob’s been the obvious winner and Kim Chi some serious underdog vibes going for her.

Sound off in the comments, and join us, next week, for the finale!


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