Crunch member Rashanna Fort prepares to move into the meditation portion of the class. Published Credit: Leah Latella/The Wall Street Journal

With multiple locations in Manhattan, Crunch Gym has unveiled some great new classes for you to enjoy and keep your body beach ready for the warmer weather!  Our gym of choice to work off those calories, with a great “no attitude” regiment in each location, they are the go to location to workout and enjoy the results each and every time you go.

Credit to: Crunch Gym
Credit to: Crunch Gym

Take a look at these really unique and interesting classes that you can go to with a friend, sweat the calories off, and stay looking hot and fit all throughout the spring, summer and beyond.


Inspired by X-MEN: Apocalypse, this interval based class will have you taking on challenges based on members of Team Apocalypse and Team X-Men. Channel your favorite characters’ strengths using various pieces of equipment week to week. Each class will be split into two 20-minute sections, with alternating interval workouts designed to push you physically and mentally, build your stamina and unleash your inner power to help save mankind from Apocalypse’s destruction!


Train like firefighters do, as their lives depend on it! The Extreme Firefighters’ Workout will take you through physical drills that simulate activities performed by firemen like handling hoses, swinging axes, climbing stairs, racing up a pole and carrying victims to safety. This total body, circuit-based workout will test your fitness level and teach you to survive under the extreme conditions our firefighters do every day.


Prepare to feel the burn! This interval-training class alternates between cardio drills on a jump rope and strength- and endurance-building work with battle ropes. Let us show you the ropes and you’ll be showing us fantastic results


Supercharging the Power Nap, this class will leave you relaxed and recalibrated in both body and mind. Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance and reduce mistakes so indulge yourself through this guided meditation.

For more information on Crunch Gym, check out their official site.