St. Pat's
St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, 2016

I mentioned in my last article that as I progress as an artist I am coming to different conclusions as to the use of post editing to enhance photographs. At what point do they stop being photos and become pieces of graphic art. If you have viewed this space over the past years you will have noticed that I have come right up to this line and even past it on a number of occasions.

30 Rock
30 Rockefeller Center, NYC, 2016

Be that as it may, I am using the opportunity now to go back into my archives and show you the raw unedited photos of New York City that I have taken over the years. This is an honest look at how the city looks not only through my lens but also my eyes.

Atlas Statue, Rockefeller Center, NYC, 2016

I think photographers often lose sight of being presenters of truth and not striking that balance of also being an artist. To be continued…