Credit: NBC New York

If you are a sweet tooth connoisseur of sorts, National Donut Day is sort of like your own version of Christmas or Thanksgiving, except everything you gorge on is the powdery holes of sweetness (minds out of gutters people!).  Today is that particular day, and there is a variety of donut locations that are pulling out all the stops for the biggest day in the world for donuts galore.  There were already long lines at certain locations this morning inside Penn Station, who were looking to get their epic fill of sweet heaven before heading off to their next destination.  So clearly, today is gonna be a sweet time for thousands of New Yorkers.

Take a look at what these places are offering to enjoy the holiday.  Enjoy.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The coffee chain is giving out a free donut with a drink purchase at participating stores.

Doughnut Plant

The store is handing out a free mini frosted donut with each purchase.

Krispy Kreme

Stop by a store for a free donut — no purchase necessary.

Dough Doughnuts

If you buy four or more donuts you will enter a raffle to win free treats for a year.

Cumberland Farms

Get a free donut with a coffee or Chill Zone beverage purchase.


The bakery is partnering with The Salvation Army and handing out 50,000 doughnuts and coffees at Greenway, between 17th and 18th streets. Another 150,000 single serve doughnuts will also be given out at locations across the country.