Step Aside
Step Aside, 2016

Stephen King once wrote, “A true romantic will always reject technological advancements.” By that measure, it seems that the world is in dire need of true romantics. How many of us (yes, I am including myself) take the time to actually look up from our phones when we walk down the street? Do your palms get itchy when your phone or tablet or laptop or remote control is out of view?

Emptiness, 2016

We live in the greatest city on earth. What do we miss by not simply picking up our eyes and taking a look around at what surrounds on a daily basis? The mosiac tapestry that unfolds here every day is too beautiful be ignored. What will you find and see and hold as your own unique memory? A wedding in the park? A view of the Brooklyn Bridge that can only be seen in one particular place in all of the city?

Unique Brooklyn Bridge View
Unique Brooklyn Bridge View, 2016

These photos are answers to the questions I have asked myself. I encourage you to ask your own questions, if not to find your own answers.

Wedding in the Park
Wedding in the Park, 2016
Message on a Lock
Message on a Lock, 2016