Credit: Bicycle Film Festival

When it comes to New York and entertainment, one thing that is for sure guaranteed is that there is a variety of “festival” types to ensure that even the snobbiest of snobs will find something they can like.  There even is one for the art of bicycling, which is pedaling its way into Manhattan this coming Wednesday through Sunday.  That’s right, The Bicycle Film Festival, celebrating the art of bikes through music, film and art, will be taking place all throughout the city and Brooklyn.  Get your helmets ready, your water bottle in place, and enjoy what they are going to offer.

For the BFF (not best friends forever, Bicycle Film Festival, duh_) Fri. – Sun., attendees can enjoy both short and feature films about biking from a variety of artists and directors at the Anthology Film Archives located on the Lower East Side. The festival is presented by Clif Bar.

Credit: Bicycle Film Festival
Credit: Bicycle Film Festival

Here are some of the interesting highlights for the exciting festival coming up this week:

Friday (June 24th 6pm-11pm) – Personal Gold will be making its New York premiere at 7pm and encore at 9pm. This feature film tells the behind-the-scenes story of four women on their journey to the 2012 Olympics. With the U.S. Men’s Cycling Team banned from participating after the Lance Armstrong drug scandal, it was up to the Women’s team to bring home the medal. These screenings will be followed by a Q&A panel including filmmaker/Olympic athlete Sky Christopherson along with founders of Twitter, and FourSquare for discussion on ‘Data not Drugs’ and the Olympics.

Saturday (June 25th 1pm-11pm) – Several programs will be held throughout the day, Bicycle Stories (1pm), Fun Bike Shorts (3pm), Sven The Final Year (5pm) and Urban Bike Shorts (7pm & 9pm). These programs host a variety of short films covering topics like the history of bikes and personal bike experiences.

Sunday (June 26th 1pm-11pm) –This day of the festival will have programs including Greatest Hits (1pm), Pauline And Molia – A Mythic Duel (3pm), Adventure Cycling (5pm), the BMX Program at 7pm, which is considered one of the most fun and popular programs at the Bicycle Film Festival, and Ovarian Psycos (9pm).

The Bicycle Film Festival not only takes place in New York, but it will also be making stops all around the world, including Amsterdam, Milano, Brighton, Mexico City and Sydney.  Sounds pretty great to me!  For all information about the BFF, check out their official site.