Credit: American Cut TriBeca

There are aspects for some Manhattanites who enjoy the finer things in life, and part of that is the quality of food they like to indulge in at least once a week.  One of those high end indulgences happens to be caviar, which is a delicacy that has an elegance and refinement to it that is on a whole other level.  Well, one of the top restaurants in New York City is devoting an entire happy hour around this type of cuisine, and am hoping you can join in the celebration for it all summer long!

American Cut TriBeca just launched their new take on happy hour last weekCavi-Hour.  This will feature A flight of 3 caviar on mini voulevants, Choice between a glass of champagne or Absolut Elyx vodka on the rocks, ALL for $25.  Delicious high quality Caviar and drinks at an amazing price!  Say what?  How amazing is that?

Available in the bar area only, this happy hour special is perfect for the classy NYC gal or the men looking for women with refined taste 😉 Not to mention it goes ALL night – aka best “happy hour” ever.  So why not stop by after work this week for some amazing food and drink with your friends, at one of the best restaurants Manhattan has to offer?

For more information on American Cut TriBeca, check out their official site.  Happy eating everyone!