Credit: Angel Brinks

Lot of people on reality television do so because, quite frankly, they don’t really have a lot of talent outside of making themselves a hot mess for the viewers to laugh at them, not with.  It is rare when you have a reality star with brains, smarts, beauty and ambition the way that Angel Brinks does, who is a big time designer and current member of Basketball Wives LA, which is making its return for another season on VH1 July 17th.

Credit: Angel Brinks
Credit: Angel Brinks

Angel has dressed some of the baddest divas in the game, including Trina, Blac Chyna, and Basketball Wives LA cast member Draya Michelle, who played an integral role of her being on the show.  The fiery, hilarious and talented mom was a fan favorite last season when she joined the cast, and hopefully will find that rings true again this year when the new season premieres next month.

Angel was nice enough to sit down with us at Manhattan Digest, about the show, how she got into fashion, tips for what will be hot in Manhattan this summer, and what is going on with her hopeful future.  Take a look.

What inspired you to get into fashion in the first place? 

It was really a combination of my love for fashion and the performing arts at a young age.  I’ve been acting since I was a kid and always had a fascination with dressing up and wearing costumes. I transitioned my love of both into my career as a fashion designer where my designs are inspired by visual stage and performance  with sequins, fringe, glitter, shoulder pads, sheer cut outs, etc.

Do you have any role models in the industry that you dream to be like one day? 

Coco Chanel.  Her legacy in fashion will live on forever. Coco’s designs have always been incredibly feminine and are still modern today. Her signature look has always been simple, elegant and comfortable with an emphasis on lots of accessories.  She is an inspiration and true pioneer to the industry.

Who has been your favorite person you have designed for? 

I really have had so much fun designing for all my clients but my absolute favorite would have to be Blac Chyna.  Her body is so sexy and she’s not afraid to take risks which is what fashion is all about.

What do you think will be the biggest trend for the summertime in NYC? 

Jumpsuits for sure! They are so in this season and can be dressed up or dressed down.  They are perfect for a warm summer NY night out on the town.  I just added a bunch of new jumpsuits on my website  A lot have sheer cut outs and floral print which are also both super big this season!

Credit: Angel Brinks
Credit: Angel Brinks

Tell me about Basketball Wives, why did you join the show? 

I joined the show by sheer accident. I was filming a scene with one of my closest friends, Draya, and the producers really liked me and were interested in my background story. I was a little shy about putting my entire life story out on the line but was excited to have a new portal to connect with my supporters on. The rest is history.

Are you hopeful that it will be a positive experience? 

I’m a really positive and optimistic person and always take the good from every situation.  What you see is what you get and you’ll be able to see this season I dealt with extra heartfelt experiences that left me feeling emotional and vulnerable but they’re relatable.  If I can share what I’m going through and even just one viewer feels like it helped them cope with a similar situation, how can that not be a beautiful and rewarding thing? I’m all for the women supporting women movement and hope my personal journey inspires others.

The question every man and woman wants to know- how do you do it all? 

Lots of coffee! Haha. I have tunnel vision. I’m focused on being the best at everything I do both professionally and at home as a mother. I’m very much a go getter.  I work hard and I make sure I practice good time management skills. Life pulls you in so many directions and it’s very important to stay focused, organized and most importantly to have a strong, solid team around you.

What’s next for Angel Brinks? 

More TV. Celebrity fashion collaborations and new business endeavors.  I’m constantly staying on top of trends and creating new ones, adding tons of new merchandise to my site daily. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out! 🙂

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