Credit: Natsumi Tapas

Any holiday that celebrates a refreshing beverage works in my books!  One of them happens to be National Mojito Day is approaching on July 11th.  Following one of the biggest holidays in the country, July 4th, one of our favorite restaurants is planning on doing some big things to celebrate the day.  This particular place is called Natsumi Tapas, located in the heart of Gramercy at 323 3rd Avenue.

We had the opportunity to review Natsumi Tapas, and were quite impressed with the result.  They present an extensive Japanese, Italian, and somewhere-between-the-two menu of smaller plates to share. Now they also are planning on being the perfect place to celebrate National Mojito Day, offering 10 varieties of flavored Mojitos featuring fresh fruit juices and purees. 

Those looking for lighter, more refreshing options can choose from flavors such as Basil Ginger, Green Tea, or Coconut – while guests who enjoy a sweeter, fruitier combination might opt for the Berry, Pineapple, or Mango varieties. Pair your choice with a few selections from the plethora of small plates available – dumpling samplers, carpaccio duos, fried Japanese squid, Black Cod marinated with sake miso and bonito flakes, Filet Mignon Tataki with a ponzu truffle sauce, sushi and sashimi galore – and guests are sure to leave happy and full. So when July 11th rolls around and everyone is wondering where to celebrate the day, Natsumi Tapas should be at the top of the list for an indulgent evening of mojitos and tapas with friends.

For more information, please check out Natsumi Tapas’ official site.