Our favorite shopping site for Manhattanites,, just keeps getting better and better with how easy, fun and colorful it is to shop online with their bevy of products, artists, designers and more.  Now they have come up with something super ingenious for the masses to enjoy while on their amazing site.  Fab is changing the way people shop for art online with the launch of its bleeding edge augmented reality tool. The new mobile app feature will give users the ability to visualize art as if it were hanging on their walls.

The tool, accessible exclusively from Fab’s Webby Award-winning iOS app, guides users through setting up the AR experience and applying the art of their choice. Features include the ability to browse and select any piece of Fab art, test it out on the wall, change the size to understand scale and proportion, and brighten or darken the image according to the room’s light. Users can also save images to their camera and easily share them with friends .

“We wanted to make a tool that’s as fun to use as it is functional and I am really pleased with the result. My girlfriend has been using it at home and now wants to buy a bunch of Fab art, so that’s a good sign,” said Fab’s Senior UX Designer, Emil Bergh.

Fab’s art assortment is made up of unexpected designs by emerging artists from around the world. The AR tool was inspired by customer feedback that the art collection is exceptional in person but hard to imagine in context when shopping online. The initial prototype was developed during Fab’s latest hackathon and built by its team of in-house engineers.

About Fab: 

Fab is a vibrant e-commerce platform where people, tastemakers and brands come together to buy and explore. Find everything you need for a brilliant, modern, well-designed life, from up-and-coming designers to iconic brands to the best in cutting-edge tech gadgets. For more information, check out their official site.