Credit: Xavier White

The music industry is a tough one to get into, especially with a genre like R&B, which hasn’t really had a shining moment in years.  There are exceptions to that though, with new versions of R&B popping up all over the place from people like Bryson Tiller, Jeremih, and even Adele to a certain extent.  One person that is determined to breakthrough in this genre and the industry is New York City’s very own Xavier White, who has just released his debut EP “Cancer vs. Gemini”.

The talented singer has received critical and fan acclaim for his music and has quite the following on his social media platforms.  Xavier took time out of his busy schedule to discuss all of this, including how he got into the industry, thoughts on his EP, what’s next for him, and more.

At what age did you determine you wanted to be in the music industry and why?

Roughly around the age of 16 is when I decided to direct myself towards taking my music career seriously. When high school was coming to an end, my options were to do the normal 2-4 year degree or chase your dreams. I chose chase my dreams!

Growing up, who were some of your biggest musical influences that helped you shape your vocals and sound?

The shaping of my sound and voice came from Usher, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, which were all my inspirations growing up.

Your music has a very R&B vibe to it, was that always the direction you wanted to go into?

My music was not always an R&B vibe, I had a very Rock R&B vibe to my older material, which was completely different from my sound now.

Tell me about the process of recording your EP “Cancer VS. Gemini”.  

The Cancer Vs. Gemini EP was a difficult and lengthy project, but nonetheless it was successful with many whiskey shots and lyric changes. I had to overcome many personal road blocks when working with my new producer Paul Couture, but together we produced an amazing project.  Paul is incredibly talented and I’m grateful to have worked with him.

 Do you have a favorite track from it and why?

I love Spend the Night, the idea of the song came from a dream I had of a girl. The dream was very animated and real as if it someday it would come true, still wishing of course, If I ever see that girl, this will be the first song I play her!

R&B as a whole seems to be a breed in music that is slowly losing its luster, yet it has examples that still make it relevant such as Jeremih and Bryson Tiller.  What do you plan on doing to get that genre back on the up and up?

Changing the sound, but still providing an R&B essence to the sound and vocabulary of my voice.

Besides the EP, what do you have going on for the rest of the year?

Besides the EP I’m preparing to go on tour, which is in the works, at the moment performing around NYC to keep the momentum moving and to keep the buzz going

Ultimately, what is your biggest goal for yourself in your musical career?

Besides winning a Grammy or Oscar, I’d have to say My biggest goal is to continue to perform at a high level for my fans as well as gain a worldly perspective that will help me to evolve with the music industry.

Anything else to add? 

Be on the lookout for my new single dropping bad blood mid-July!

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