Credit: Carvel

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream?  Seriously, you need to have your head checked if you don’t love everything delicious that ice cream stands for.  Well, we are in the middle of National Ice Cream month here in July, and the specific day for it is this Sunday, July 17th.  One iconic ice cream shop that is celebrating the big day in a big way, is my personal favorite… Carvel!

Carvel announced TODAY that in celebration of National Ice Cream Day on July 17th, guests will be able to purchase any size soft ice cream cone or cup and get a second for free at participating locations.  How exciting!

Carvel is also giving this year’s promotion a new twist by asking Americans how they most enjoy eating their ice cream – by licking or biting it. Did you know that according to Carvel’s national survey, 44% of Americans prefer to lick their ice cream over biting into it (26%)?

The national survey also determined which method is better for avoiding brain freeze, which 77% of Americans admit to getting from eating ice cream.

Respondents who reported never getting brain freeze preferred licking (31%) over biting (15%).

AND – Netflix and (literally) chill? More than half of the survey’s respondents prefer to enjoy ice cream in the comfort of their own home.

No matter how you eat your ice cream, though, Carvel’s decadent ice cream treats await, including the brand’s latest flavor innovation – the limited-time soft ice cream made with Ghirardelli.

There are several Carvel locations sprawled throughout Manhattan!  For more information, check out their official site.