Credit: PMKBNC

With all the hoopla surrounding the 2016 election this year, people across our nation are debating on the right, left and everywhere in between.  One thing, however, that unifies us all, is great beer and awesome music.  That is what one of our favorite beer brands, Bud Light, is planning on doing this summer with their own party called The Bud Light Convention, which is hitting NYC in late August.  Party on!

The Bud Light Party is hitting the campaign trail and reaching its supporters this summer through a 13-city tour, featuring some of the country’s hottest musical talent, friends and ice cold Bud Lights. Furthering the campaign conversation to unite our great nation over some refreshing beers, super delegates of the Bud Light Party campaign will be headlining our conventions with amazing performances, including Ludacris, Big Sean, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Dillon Francis, Justin Moore, Young The Giant and other surprise guests.

One city that the Bud Light tour will be stopping is of course in New York City, where on August 27th, hip-hop superstar Big Sean will be hitting the stage with a super special guest.  New York City is the last stop on the tour, and it is pretty sweet that they are ending on a high note in the best city in the world.

“The Bud Light Party stands for uniting all people and nothing does that better than a summer full of fun, good music and Bud Light. We’re thrilled to take the excitement on the road with our Bud Light Party Conventions announcing a unique lineup that is sure to make this campaign trail the highlight of the summer,” said Alex Lambrecht, Vice President, Bud Light.”

For more information on tickets, stops and more, check out their official site.