Credit: Jenny Adams

When you think summertime, you think of taking a bite into some delicious and refreshing fruits to cool you down from the miserable heat we have been having.  A must have during the summer in the fruit category is the mouthwatering Watermelon, it is getting its own holiday tomorrow as National Watermelon Day hits the world on Wednesday, August 3rdBoulton & Watt, a favorite gastropub of ours at Manhattan Digest, is celebrating in a big way with a delicious cocktail available at your disposal!

This Wednesday, August 3, and every Thursday for the month of August, the Shark Bait cocktail will be available at Boulton & Watt for just $25. The cocktail, which serves 4, is served in a hollowed out watermelon and is a refreshing blend of gin, Aperol, mint syrup, lemon juice, and, of course, watermelon juice. The summer punch is then garnished with a shiver of gummy sharks and unsuspecting (plastic) sunbathers.

Full recipe below!  For more information on Boulton & Watt, check out their official site!  Enjoy!

Shark Bait (created by Jaime Felber, Boulton & Watt)

6oz gin

2oz Aperol

3oz mint syrup

4oz fresh watermelon juice

1oz lemon juice

4 bar spoon of sea salt water

Scoop out juice of watermelon, purée. Fill shaker with ingredients, shake, strain over crushed ice inside a hollow watermelon half. Garnish with gummy sharks and shark bait!