Credit: NightOwl

Nightlife in New York City is about as common as you can get, given the vast amounts of activities you can do, whether it is bar hopping, dancing, drinking, eating and so much more.  It is what makes our city so great as there is so many options that you can do each night of the week.  You will never be bored!  Seeing as the phrase “there’s an app for that”, is just as common as nightlife in Manhattan, there has to be one that lets you customize your searching for whatever you deem is your reason for going out that particular night, right?  NightOwl is that app, and has a big development with their launch of the next generation of their app today!!

Credit: NightOwl
Credit: NightOwl

NightOwl is your all-in-one, personal resource for nightlife for the iPhone. It is all about delivering a personalized, curated search and discovery experience, specifically for the bar / nightlife space.  With the launch of NightOwl 3.0, in addition to a completely reimagined design and app experience, NightOwl is expanding to become a platform for relevant content and recommendations from brands, influencers and other partners in the nightlife space.

Some examples of fun ways to make lists with the app are below!

Semester is Over → College Bars to Blow Off Steam

I Need a Secret Spot → Cool Spots to Take a Mistress

It’s Friday! → Favorite TGIF Bars

Just Lost My Job →  Top Spots to Network”

Going Home For Thanksgiving → Bars to Ditch Your Family

I Just Broke Up With My Girlfriend → Hook-Up HQ

Drinking Makes Me Pee → Cleanest Bathrooms

Drinking Makes Me Hungry → Bars with a Side of Fries

You can download the app and get all relevant information here.  Great to use now that the summer is in full swing.  Have fun!