Ever wonder how athletes and Olympians train for competitions? Well yesterday myself and a group of ladies were able to get a taste of how rigorous that training is.

The Games at CRUNCH featured a circuit based workout where we competed on teams or as individuals to push ourselves to the limit.

The workout highlighted a fusion of exercises that tested our strength, power, speed and agility which simulated an actual training session.They were also very reminiscent of my summer camp days with the relay races and tug-a-war competitions.


While working out there were times when I felt I would not make it, however the trainers at CRUNCH were extremely motivating by making me feel comfortable by going at my own pace.

Even though this was a contest, everyone in the class was very supportive of each other. You never know how far a clap goes when you’ve been planking for 40 seconds and ready to give up.


The best part of the morning were the post-workout snacks that were offered.There was an assortment of fruits, smoothies and peanut butter sandwiches presented by Peanut Butter & Co.   Everyone knows after an extensive workout replenishing your body with proteins make all of those lunges and squats worth it.

Ever want to train like your favorite Gold Medalist head to any CRUNCH location and train your heart out!