Kent and Wythe
Kent and Wythe, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

North Williamsburg is the next frontier for hipsterism in Brooklyn. Though currently still a wasteland of warehouses and auto shops along the waterfront that offers spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline there are signs of encroaching “hipness”.

The very odd shaped yet contemporarily classy William Vale Hotel has just opened up across the street from The Brooklyn Bowl and several more projects are currently under construction in the immediate vicinity. I was there with camera in hand to capture the neighborhood before the completion BEFORE it gets cool.

The William Vale Hotel
The William Vale Hotel, Brooklyn, NY, 2016
Manhattan Skyline
Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn, NYC, 2016
Kent and Wythe
Kent and Wythe, Brooklyn, NY, 2016
Brooklyn Lowlights
Brooklyn Lowlights, Brooklyn, NY, 2016
Hipster Frontier Construction
Hipster Frontier Construction, Brooklyn, 2016