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If there was ever a title for “The Little Engine That Could” for RuPaul’s Drag Race, it would clearly be season six superstar Adore Delano.  Fresh faced Adore stormed into season six of the incredibly popular series already being known for another big show (American Idol), yet this was the first time that America saw her amazing drag persona.  Little over two years later, and she has not only conquered the drag scene, but the music industry as well.

Adore Delano’s quirkiness, spirit, fashion and energy catapulted her into the top three of season six, narrowly losing out to Bianca Del Rio.  Since then, she has produced two massive albums, with her latest album “After Party”, debuting at number one on the Billboard Dance Charts, something that no other drag racer has been able to accomplish.  Pretty fucking cool for someone like her who has been on quite the amazing journey in such a short time.
Credit: LOGO
Credit: LOGO

Now, Adore is onto her next challenge by being one of the ten cast in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, premiering on LOGO this coming Thursday night.  All Stars 2 has been something the fans been anxiously waiting for over the past couple of years, and when word got out that Adore was joining the “party”, millions of people jumped in excitement that their favorite queen was back for a second chance at the crown.

All this week, Manhattan Digest will be profiling each of the 10 queens who will be on All Stars 2, and we are happy to kick this off with one of our all time favorite queens in Adore Delano.  We sat down with Adore to discuss the new season, who she thinks is her biggest competition, thoughts on her career overall, and who her true idol is.  Take a look.

How excited were you to be asked to participate in the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2?

I wasn’t at first. I was hesitant & scared, but got super excited when I saw everyone together.

Who do you consider your biggest competition this season and are there any big rivalries?

Alaska Thunderfuck slays my little black heart.

When you did Anna Nicole Smith for the Snatch Game on your previous season of RPDR it was ingenious!  Probably my favorite Snatch Game performance ever!  What can we expect from you this season? 

Expect the unexpected! The challenges are amazing & it feels like a new show.

Since being on RPDR, you have had 2 successful albums, and are currently on an International tour.  Were you anticipating this much success in the music industry, and which is your favorite song to perform from the new album? 

I didn’t expect any success past a year before auditioning, but as the months kept coming I kept working harder. Success doesn’t come. You have to build it like muscle.

Who are your idols?  The people that you look up to?

My mother.

Whether it’s a TV show, or a favorite food, or new music that you’re listening to, or movies, etc., tell me something that is your guilty pleasure right now?

My guilty pleasure is the idea of falling in love. I’m constantly on the road, so the idea of some tattooed prince coming to sweep me off my stoned feet is always something that exists in my mind. Also, I’m Mexican & Native American, so usually no food is too spicy for me.

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