Credit: EMC Bowery
It takes a woman with an exceptional presence to make any kind of lasting impression in the world of the public juggernaut that is the “Housewives” franchises.  Erika Jayne is that woman.  Feisty, provocative, glamorous and drop dead gorgeous, yet well spoken and refined, she was a much needed addition to season 6 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Known also by her married name Erika Girardi, she has said that she created Erika Jayne as her alter ego to keep her stage persona as a separate entity from who she really is.

Erika has had a very busy summer.  Her current single “How Many Fucks” just became her ninth number one on the dance club charts, she was featured in the film Sharknado 4, she is currently filming season 7 of of the RHOBH, and is working on her latest single “XXPEN$IVE”, all while jet setting around the world on tour.

She is a huge advocate of the LGBT community, and she was even named “News Ally Entertainer of 2015” at the LGBT Ally Awards in recognition of her ongoing support for the rights and equality of LGBT people around the world.  I had a chance to sit down with Erika after her recent performance at South Carolina Pride (which she rocked) to talk about her successes and her home life.

Credit: EMC Bowery
Credit: EMC Bowery

Erika, you were a glamtastic breath of fresh air in Season 6 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  How has being on the RHOBH changed your life?  Would you say all in all that it has been a positive experience?

RHOBH has been such a positive experience for me. People who knew me as Erika Jayne before now know me as Erika Girardi and people who didn’t know either one of us got a real good introduction.

Congratulations on How Many Fucks being your 9th number one on the Dance Club song chart.  How did it feel to have Christina Aguilera post a video on social media singing along to your song?  

As you can imagine it was a total honor to have Christina sing along to my song. Not only is she an incredibly accomplished artist, she happens to be a cool chick. She is lots of fun.

Your looks for the How Many Fucks video were flawless! What was your inspiration? Who did the styling for the How Many Fucks video? 

My stylist, Dani Michelle, created all 4 of the custom looks from scratch. The inspiration was super 90’s glam with a hoodrat appeal.  I am super proud of the looks we accomplished!

Credit: EMC Bowery
Credit: EMC Bowery

Are you currently working on any new music?  

Yes. Just shot a music video for my new single “XXPEN$IVE” which will be out after the first of the year.

You and your husband Thomas Girardi have been married since 1999.  The love you have for each other seems genuine and palpable.  What is your secret to a long and healthy marriage, especially under the scrutiny of both being in the public eye?  

Honestly, I learned this from my grandparents who were married for forever. Both Tom and I have busy careers that allow us to express our personal individuality. But when we come together as a couple we have so much to share. We are constantly telling each other about what’s happening in our professional lives which makes our personal moments that much more special. We have lots to celebrate together.

Credit: EMC Bowery
Credit: EMC Bowery
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