Credit: Amy's Bread

A big problem for several Manhattanites is that, when you are on the move all the time, one particular meal that they tend to skip is Breakfast.  Breakfast, as we all know, is a vital part of your work day as it gives you a jolt and starts your day off right.  Amy’s Bread, with locations all throughout Manhattan, wants to cure Manhattanites of skipping breakfast with their new initiative called “Bread & Breakfast”!

Amy’s Bread has just given New Yorkers good reason NOT to skip breakfast. New York’s favorite bakery is introducing a delicious new “Bread & Breakfast” basket that features some of the most delicious breads and pastries from this NYC institution.

Credit to: Amy Scherber
Credit to: Amy Scherber

Available on 9/21, from 8-10 a.m. at Amy’s Bread Hell’s Kitchen (672 9th Avenue). Founder Amy Scherber will be on hand to chat and give out samples of these delectables. Stop by before you head to work… or let us know if you’d like to sample.


Whole wheat oat pecan roll

Peasant Wheat with toasted seed roll

Mini blueberry muffin

Mini orange currant scone

Mini croissant

Mini raspberry Danish

2 mini jars of jam


Credit: Amy's Bread
Credit: Amy’s Bread

The Bread & Breakfast basket is a nice idea for a cozy breakfast date. It serves 2, and at $10, it’s one of the best deals in Manhattan. It’s available for dining in or take-out and the basket is yours to keep. It’s also perfect for taking to a weekend brunch.  Available 9/21 at Amy’s Bread Hell’s Kitchen and 9/26 at their Bleecker Street and Chelsea Market locations.  For more information, check out their official site.