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Last week, Ginger went home, after much deliberating and to great consternation.

Everyone was angry because the plan, which we never saw ratified, wasn’t followed. Seriously, producers, if this is going to be a big deal, you need to show when the queens all pinky sweared, so we get the seriousness of breaking the pinky swear.  While everyone is bitching about this Phi Phi decides to one up her game and be the BIGGEST asshole in the room. Phi Phi, you’re doing it wrong.

RuPaul comes in and where did everyone get the ill fitting hats? The queens will be performing in sequels to Ru’s favorite movies, or SheQuels. Grab a partner!!! Alaska and Alyssa, Katya and Detox, and finally Roxxxy and Phi Phi pair up. Phi Phi and Roxxxy get Showsquirrels. Katya and Detox get Thelma and Weezy. Alaska and Alyssa get Wha’ Ha’ Happened to Baby JJ.

During rehearsal, Phi Phi freaks out that she has to say the line “tired ass showgirl” and immediately makes Roxxxy switch. Roxxxy, having decided to do her best Season One Teresa Guidice impression, says nothing and looks confused.

Katya and Detox film. They’re zombies and Katya keeps stumbling on the lines. Alyssa can’t remember any of her lines correctly, though she at least remembers them. Roxxxy doesn’t, unfortunately, and continues her lackluster way of being nice.

The runway is a two in one look, inspired by the Violet Chatchki runway look from her season. The guest star is someone I’ve never heard of.  After the runway, we watch the videos and at no point in time do we mention that Big Freedia was in two of them.

The judges think that Phi Phi knocked it out of the park, but that Roxxxy was super bland. Katya ended redeeming herself, but the runway was basic looking. Detox was amazing on set, but the both dresses looked the same. Alyssa was barely able to be understood, and the reveal wasn’t much, but the camera dress was a looker. Everyone loves Alaska.

Phi Phi and Alaska are in the top two. Phi Phi changes her outfit, and Alaska is wearing combat boots. Gurl. What Would Willam Think? The song is Got To Be Real, and in any other one, Phi Phi would have won, but tonight, it’s Alaska. Alyssa goes “home.”

But, the episode continues as the queens talk, and Phi Phi proceeds to shit all over Alyssa, only to have the lights come up behind the one way mirror and the eliminated queens are there, staring at the rest of them, like Hamlet’s father.

What will happen next week? Join us and find out!!!