Credit: Antonio Marcello

Gay apps have gone far and beyond what they were five or six years ago.  Gone are the days where there are only one or two primary ones for men to locate each other for friendship, relationship or sex, now there is a myriad of options available for men depending on what they are looking for.  New onto the scene is an app called Lumberjack, which fancies “bears and plaid shirts” but goes way beyond that for everyone to enjoy.

Credit: Antonio Marcello
Credit: Antonio Marcello

The Lumberjack app encourages single men to go out there and find a guy nearby for coffee, a date or more.  What is even better is that unlike its competitors, it is free to all their users which makes usability of that app that much greater.  Not to mention the incredible cute and fun guys that happen to be on the app right now.

We sat down with founder Antonio Marcello about why he developed the app, what separates Lumberjack from the pack, and so much more.  Check it out.

What made you want to design the Lumberjack App?

Being gay, I’ve had the opportunity to use the most popular dating applications that exist today.  Most of the time, I made great friends instead of finding a boyfriend. While chatting with friends, I realized how much this is common. With that knowledge, my best friend and I thought of the birth
of Lumberjack. We decided to study gay men of different ages, cities, and also with different dating experiences . What we had perceived, and we also believe, it is that many times we want to meet someone nice in an unpretentious way. Many in the gay community have a very busy work routine that can at times be very suffocating. Lumberjack offers the opportunities to discover someone to join you for a lunch break or at the end of the work day to join you in many different activities in a much easier way. This is what we call “Icebreakers” which is at the heart of our app.

Credit: Antonio Marcello
Credit: Antonio Marcello

With “Icebreakers” you can discover someone to catch a movie, get a drink, grab a bite, hang out, have a coffee, work out, video gaming, and even walk your dogs together! This app allows people to shorten the exhausting path of endless exchanges of back and forth messages and to take advantage of the real side of life. Of course, this is not just for the work week, it can be used for any moment. Maybe you will make a new friend or meet a potential boyfriend. Lumberjack is paving the way to make it happen!

There are several other men’s apps that gear towards a “hairier” type of dude?  What separates Lumberjack from the pack?

Before the boom of Lumbersexuals, we already had the idea for this app. When we saw the noise of this trend, we were sure that this concept was the best way forward. As we say in our Manifesto “with the power of technology, we want to bring people together”.

I think this is our biggest difference since we are going beyond the labels that the name Lumberjack carries. Also, we do not
see the Lumberjack exclusively as a dating app. We want to go beyond the stereotype “hairier”, we want to go beyond dating, and we are focused on creating a social networking where people can meet through common affinities.

Is the primary type you will find on there looking like a “Lumberjack” or is there more of an opportunity for all body types to be part of this?

Lumberjack is designed for all the different type of men out there. We need to confess that we have a soft spot for beards and plaid shirts 🙂

Are there any amenities for signing up?

Lumberjack is open and free to all users with full access.

Credit: Antonio Marcello
Credit: Antonio Marcello

What are you hopeful for in the future regarding this app?

We want Lumberjack to bring people together in the real world not just the virtual one. We are excited about new features that are on the way and partnerships that are being negotiated.

For more information, check out their official site.