Manhattanites are always on the lookout for something new, whether it is a new restaurant to try, a new place to shop, and even a great place to workout.  For the latter portion, we have found something for all of you that we think you will really enjoy, as well as keep you in shape post-summer and into the colder weather.  It is called The AXLE Workout, and is available all over Manhattan for you to try out with your friends!

What is the AXLE workout?  In the summer of 2014, co-founders Andrew Page and Anuj Patel were discussing the limitations of gym equipment. They needed something to provide their clients with a full body workout that emphasized the random nature of real world human movement and mimicked the types of routines used by athletes. The fitness industry was saturated with complex machinery and expensive equipment that worked muscle groups in isolation. Very little attention was paid to equipment that would enhance total body performance and balance.

Here is how the workout is broken down-

The AXLE workout

Full body workout that will transform your body in only 50 minutes.

Sculpt your frame through flexibility, strength and cardio focused on dynamic movement.

Choreographed small group fitness session in a studio set to thumping music and lighting.

Each class features six different exercises that specifically target core stabilization.

For more information on AXLE, check out their official website.