To NY, Love Mallory
To NY, Love Mallory, Queensboro Bridge

Being asked to choose your favorite photos is not hard, it’s impossible. I have never published a photo either in this space or on my Instagram account that I don’t love. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t post it. Simple. However, I can choose pieces that effect me for one reason or the other and while I very rarely have spoken publicly on what those emotions are, it might be worth examining some of these pieces now.

1. Art Deco Noir: What I love about this photo is the mix of modern and classical architectural lines.  The Art Deco Chrysler Building reflecting like a ghost off of the modern glass building across 42nd Street.  You have to work hard to find the exact angle to actually see this exact reflection and I walked back and forth for quite a bit to line up this shot.

Art Deco Noir
Art Deco Noir, NYC

2. Rockefeller Center in the Snow: There is a brief, fleeting moment in New York City where the pure, white snow blankets the snow in a sort innocence.  All the sounds of the hustle and bustle are muted and before the snow turns to an ugly black you can get shots like this.

Rockefeller Center in the Snow
Rockefeller Center in the Snow, NYC

3. To NY, Love Mallory:  It’s finds like this that really make my walks around the city worth it.  I found this by traversing the Queensboro Bridge one.  I was instantly intrigued.  I wondered about who exactly Mallory was.  What was her story?  In my mind, I think she came to New York to find something.  Love, success, anything.  She didn’t find it and was moving back home.  But she wasn’t bitter, happily keeping New York in heart and better for the experience.  A classic New York love story.

To NY, Love Mallory
To NY, Love Mallory, Queensboro Bridge

4. Chrysler Building in the Fog: This photo appeared in an online collection of Art Deco art that the Saatchi Gallery did in conjunction with Pinterest.  I am drawn to how classic this photo looks.  It really appears like it could be out of the 1940’s.  I also like perspective.  I took it from street level but it appears to be higher up.

Chrysler Building in the Fog
Chrysler Building in the Fog, NYC

5.  9/11/12:  I went to Brooklyn Heights to see the WTC lights and saw these FDNY firefighters.  It was extremely dark there and made editing hard but what caught my attention was the way they stood there.  Heads bowed in reverence, taking photos of their own.  It struck me how emotional it must have been for them.  I don’t want to say too much about this photo.  I think it’s importance to me is self evident.

9/11/2012, Brooklyn, NY