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Last time on Drag Race, Phi Phi was complaining about everything and everyone before, in a shocking twist, the eliminated queens were seen staring through the mirror. The mirror has two faces, indeed!!!

Immediately, everyone comes into the workroom, in their two in one outfits. Daggers start flying and Phi Phi and Alyssa immediately start fighting. Everyone has feelings and Coco says that it’s about to get real. Like it wasn’t before?

So, while the queens are standing around wondering how this is going to work, Ru comes in to explain. They will pair up, leaving Roxxxy by herself. Which is odd, since she’s not been the odd one out this season.  The top two returning queens will lip sync to see who stays in the competition and get the ability to send one of the bottom two queens home.  If Roxxxy wins, then something happens, but I don’t think that will occur and I wasn’t paying attention, but she does get to be the MC of the whole thing.

The queens go to rehearse in front of Ross Matthews and someone else.  Phi Phi and Coco aren’t funny, at all. It’s painful, and I don’t mean to add to the Phi Phi hate, but she really should have picked Roxxxy (though, I can see why she maybe didn’t). Ross even tells them to be funny. The others are a mix of a good start and OK.

Phi Phi and Alyssa start going at it again, but this time, in a more calm and passive aggressive manner. Phi Phi refuses to engage in the Hug of Forgiveness, and on this, I’m ok with that. She doesn’t forgive or care about Alyssa and doesn’t feel the need to fake it. Alyssa’s thrown, because she’s from a VERY different world, where you still have to be pleasant to the bitch who cut you, because one day, you might need her to write a letter of recommendation for your daughter to get into Kappa Gamma.

Ru comes out channeling Beyonce. The audience is full of drag queens from past seasons who didn’t make it onto AS2. Roxxxy comes out and falls on her face. I’m not sure if it’s being out of her element or stage fright, but it just doesn’t work, and I feel kinda sorry for her. Phi Phi and Coco have decided to do a low budget SNL skit, which also doesn’t work, for many many reasons, number one being that it almost doesn’t work for SNL. Alyssa and Alaska seem to have hit a stride where Alyssa just goes off on a tangent and Alaska provides one word commentary.  Ginger and Katya have ramped up their personas and are funny in their usual way. Detox and Tati come out in this whole Stepford Wives fundraiser skit that has everyone on the floor. In between all of these, Roxxxy MCs as Tasha Salad, and everything is a salad pun, which works… the first time.

After the judges critiques, Tati and Alyssa end up as the top two, with Roxxxy and Phi Phi in the bottom. Roxxxy is scared and Phi Phi is super pissed. Alyssa interviews them both, in an amazing wig, btw, and Phi Phi complains that she shouldn’t be in the bottom. Gurl, you weren’t funny. Deal. When the queens are called back, Alyssa and Tati gave us some FACE and NAILS.

The song is Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive”, and both Tati and Alyssa look ready for it. Sometimes, you can immediately tell who’s going home based on the music pick. In this case, you can’t. At the end, Tati wins. YAY!! Then Alyssa wins!!! YAY!!! What?!!! They both picked Phi Phi and even with the whole “Two queens stand before me” speech, you can tell they are ready to send Phi Phi packing. She leaves, very pissed, only stopping to give Tati a hug and ignore everyone else.

I guess that takes care of Adore’s vacant spot!!! Join us next time!!!